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More from just one of the bunch of Beckstead's victims we heard from since his initial exposure three years ago:
(EOPC's comments are in Dark Blue.
EOPC has linked some of our other exposed Cyberpaths throughout this article in our ongoing efforts to point out the PATTERNS & SIMILARITIES between these predators and to support our victims by letting them know: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!)

I was starting to see that Beckstead was so full of it and I was ignoring my gut instinct because of his twisted talk and blame-shifting. He would always lay the guilt trip back on me, accusing me of everything that he, himself had committed. (that's called PROJECTION)

It just about did my head in trying to keep up with his BS and 'word salad.' (that's called SCHIZOPHASIA)

The one thing though, he did have a lousy memory and that is what eventually tripped him up. (that's what tripped up Ed Hicks, Jeff Dunetz/ Yidwithlid and Brad Dorksy) That and the fact that I did hold onto a good deal of the conversations down the track because I my gut told me he had a devious and sneaky side.
A couple of us caught him red handed several times in the VIP chatroom flirting with others while telling us we were his "one and only." His lies rebounded on him with me because I was always quick to point out fact from fiction when I noticed a distinct slip up. (Ohhhh Cyberpaths just LOVE when you catch them! NOT!) I became very savvy to them in those last months.

I just kept on asking the questions, he could not stand it any longer. I was no longer willing to play his whipping girl. (of course, so he D&D'd you)

These predators all start somewhere, and as with all abuse, sooner or later it escalates. What makes this guy truly depraved is that he leans in on women that he knows are in a vulnerable situation. (no that makes this guy EXACTLY like all of them- deeply depraved - please read the rest of the stories in our right hand margin. Remember: PREDATORS HUNT THE WOUNDED) He comes in on a rescue mission, only with ulterior motives in mind. He took advantage of my situation and he hurt me. I tried to tell him that, but then I was accused of more "name calling". (PROJECTION again. They all do this rescue routine.)

His style, looking back was to give the impression that every woman was "after him", when god knows why they would be. (that's common - they are all SOOO desirable when its THEM that start and encourage their victim's interest. Players, cyberpaths, sociopaths, narcissists - ALL SAY THAT - nothing special about Beckstead. They are all so alike its sad - can't these guys think of something new? BTW - look at Beckstead's pictures - Johnny Depp he's NOT!)

He comes after you, he hunts you until he gets what he wants then abandons you by playing mind games and of course, if you call him on it, it is "all in your imagination." (Typical. Again, please read Keith Clive, Brad Dorsky, Dunetz/ Yidwithlid and Mike Campbell)

I just needed a sympathetic friend, someone I could talk to and trust in a time of need. (again PREDATORS HUNT THE WOUNDED) I did not need this manipulating piece of work to turn my life and that of my families upside down and then pretend as if nothing had happened. (you are NOT alone -- this is the M.O. of all these cyberpaths - they are remorseless and could care less about anyone but themselves)

More blather from Beckstead. -- At this time - this victim CAUGHT Beckstead cybering with another victim nicknamed KITTY. Of course, Beckstead, like all of them DENY DENY DENY and PROJECTION!

Doug now tries to use Social Networking and other groups to repair his image and troll for more victims. He posts loads of pictures of his time in Iraq as if he's an actual Serviceman. CLICK HERE FOR BECKSTEAD'S FACEBOOK PAGE

It's all Beckstead... all the time. YAWN!

>From: "Doug Beckstead" <>
>Subject: RE: Good Afternoon!
>Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006
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>Well, this totally e-mail proves that it was not KITTY in there and in fact
>it was YOU who was impersonating her. You were not simply "lurking" as you
>are continually claiming. (what a liar! and why are you upset Dougie? Got caught? Didn't ya?)
>If you recall from the conversation that you participated in the only thing I said was that I would like to meet her and take her out to dinner and drinks. Nothing more. Anything else was simply a matter of what you wanted to dream up. I have made similar offers to others who I have met online because I, unlike yourself and others, would like to be able to meet the people I speak with to see what they are like in real life, and vice versa. (Dougie tries to MINIMIZE, BLAME SHIFT and PROJECT. Gag)
>At this point, as far as I am concerned you can go your own way and enjoy manipulating people online by trying to make them think that you are someone you are not. (HAHAHAHA! Why should she when YOU are the one so good at that Doug!)

You have gone to great lengths to accuse others in the VIP of similar dastardly acts (among them KITTY, XXX and others) and yet you yourself are one of those who is doing it. I only wish I had not been so blind for so long. (Oh come on Doug, you're just mad SHE'S not BLIND TO YOUR BULLCRAP ANYMORE!!! Him, Clive, Dorsky, Jeff Dunetz/ Yidwithlid, Thomas and Hicks - same bull, different receptacle)
>Enjoy your games. Because I am not going to be a victim of any more of them. (Doug has games of his own he wants to play but he can't take what he dishes out) I can no longer trust anything about your or anything you say. (look in a mirror on that one Doug)
>Do not e-mail me at my office because this morning I will have your e-mail address blocked. (oooo!! what a threat!!)
>Have a good life because I am out of it from here on. Make all the threats you like and insult me as much as you would like if it makes you feel better about it. But I'm out of it. (Sounds like you are insulting one, Beckstead - all powerful behind a keyboard)
Beckstead Yet Again - Used the Victim for a Cyber-Punching Bag
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Beckstead's Cyber-Tantrum because he GOT CAUGHT
: Another example of his projection of blame and his narcissistic rage (when someone's got a clue to his REAL intentions):


In the beginning he offered to buy me a cell phone and a webcam. (Dunetz/Yidwithlid did this with his Target #2. They try to turn real, caring women into FREE PORN BABES!) I refused to accept either, because I did not ever want to be accused of having ever asked for a cent from him. I never asked anything of him financially ever and never would.

As it happened I did eventually buy my own cell phone and webcam (the webcam I took back as it was clear what he was expecting from me - a free sex show! -- and I was not willing to go there). (Same as Dunetz/ Yidwithlid, Jacoby, Clive and Dorsky - they wanted free porn - all you were to them was an OBJECT, not a real person - some of these cyberpaths take YOUR pictures and post them on boards for other sex addicts or sell them as homemade porn online!)

Once he realized that I'd caught on to what he really wanted from me (cybersex and that was all) there were more excuses of avoidance. Once I had my own cell phone, he made every excuse as to why he could not call or text, yet I have family and friends who have never had any trouble in doing so.
(sounds like Dunetz/ Yidwithlid-
telling his ex-friend of over 25 years why he "just couldn't call her" - Yet he could call Target #2, a woman he NEVER met who was across the country; 3-4 times a day -- ON HIS EMPLOYER'S CELLPHONE! They are very very much alike! Click and READ!

Making the connections to their patterns here, readers?)

When I asked direct questions, he would be very selective in answering. If I went back and asked the about the questions he missed, would only make him angry. (Dorsky, Hicks, Campbell - how dare you want TRUTH from them! LOL)

The mere mention of zabasearch.com and the ease of finding his home address in that last long email from him, sent him into overdrive. Is he hiding something? Yes most definitely!! (readers - we say this all the time! If you ask question and/or they won't allow you to do a background check or say you "don't trust them" -- get out IMMEDIATELY! And do that check on them ASAP!! They are hiding something! Anyone who's honest would not care.)

He was always threatening me that he would walk away, yet never did. He would wait until I made a move to rectify things. (Hicks, Dorsky, Dunetz/Yidwithlid - the EXACT same. Please read LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR.) Because he played on my caring instincts.

Now since I no longer made that move it has been silent. I know now it would have been silent a lot sooner if I had not tried so hard to preserve what he made me believe we had and meant to one another. (he's moved on - has new objects, victims... er friends... LOL. The only person that means anything to him - is HIM)
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Looking back, I wasted a lot of time on him. He was never worth any of it. (Yes but you are continuing to educate people about this type of cyberpath - and Doug is common. Nothing special here - so start reading readers! This is a great insight into a classic CYBERPATH!)

He made my life a misery. Beckstead turned from what I thought was a friendly confidante into someone who purposely used & traumatized me. He seduced & coerced me into thinking he was a genuine person. (SEDUCED and BRAINWASHED!)

I was trying to make a go of things for myself personally with my partner and family and he almost sabotaged that purposely because of his cruel head games. (Hicks ended up doing a year in jail and is back in for violating probation - he went RIGHT BACK to preying on 10 -12 women simultaneously using various aliases on Online Dating sites! on unlimited probation for his games & bigamy. Jeff Dunetz/ Yidwithlid contributed to 2 divorces and is continuing to blame his victims for his miserable life - Mike Campbell contributed to divorces and trauma for his victims. You are not alone!)

Interestingly enough, he told me his mother is an alcoholic, that he has no contact with her, that he detests her. (Read up on Narcissists and their relationship with their mothers. Beckstead's probably a misogynist too) He told me had to raise his younger siblings while his father was off onto his third wife. (and Beckstead's wife probably raised his kids while he was screwing around online & off with other victims) He has a religious background. (so does Mike Campbell, Dan Jacoby and Dunetz/ Yidwithlid they all profess to be VERY religious. Gag -- unless their 'place of worship' is their bathroom mirror!)
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From: "Doug Beckstead"
Subject: Yes, I Am Mad Now (that you CAUGHT ME... AGAIN!)
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006

Alright, now I'm starting to get a bit bent out of shape here. This is not my fault yet you seem to have already made up your mind that it is, so I suppose I should simply say, go ahead, blame it on me and tell me that it must be something that I am doing wrong because I obviously do not have the same luck as you have when calling or texting from down there. It's all my damn fault! (yes Doug, it is) I'm totally incapable of working a damn cell phone -- even though I have been using one for years! (then how about an HONEST ANSWER!)

I just tried calling your cell phone number, the one that you sent on the cell phone and the one that you sent via the e-mail earlier today. I tried calling them on both my cell phone and my regular "land line." Neither one worked. (lie)

In fact, I got a computerized operator that said "If you are trying to make a call you must first dial XXX." In the case of ************ that is****. I tried calling your regular number and got a busy signal. (lie lie lie and the victim has no way of proving he's lying but considering that Beckstead does nothing BUT lie... you figure it out! --wink--)
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I'm trying all I can from this end and what do I get back from your end ..... "it looks like another door closing from your end." Go ahead, think and believe what you want to think and believe. (She finally 'listened' to your ACTIONS Doug, not your WORDS. Because your words are garbage)

Well, if you are going to continually be blaming me and trying to see the worst thing possible then maybe I need to just call it quits here and just walk away. I answered your questions that I thought where the most important in that e-mail and all you do is jump on me saying that I didn't answer all of them. (LOL - this is all so much bull we'll just let you think up your own response for it, readers!)

Damnit I'm getting really tired of this. And yes, I am angry now. You act as though everything should work perfectly because someone on your end says it should work. Well, obviously it is not working. And what do you do? You insinuate that (1) I am not doing anything to try and find out why it doesn't work on my end, (2) I'm obviously not trying at all, and (3) I must not want it to work. (insinuate? or the logical conclusion from your selfish narcissistic behavior? Why don't you admit that the Beckstead family had a SHARED cell-phone provider and you would have had to explain certain phone calls around the country to your wife & kids?! Nope, Beckstead has to hurt yet another vulnerable person to TRAUMA BOND her to him further.)

Now, since I just tried calling your regular phone line and got a busy signal, should I assume that: (1) you obviously don't have time for me; (2) you don't want to talk to me; and (3) you're closing me out of your life. Of course not! Those are obviously assinine assumptions to make! (but of course the asinine one is you Doug, for taking a decent person for a sick ride. Online... where you can just click her on & off when you feel like it)

Why do you continue to do this and then expect everything to be just like it used to be? (because you made her promises and now you got bored and are projecting, Dougie)

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Anonymous said...

One of Beckstead's favorite back-tracking lines was to accuse his victims of having "mood-swings". Clearly after reading Mr Beckstead's handy work we can ALL see who had the troubled mood-swings / rages. His anger speaks volumes. All his victims ever wanted was the truth and to have their questions answered. Not too much to ask? Evidently for Beckstead this was and his enragement is visable for all to witness in these emails.