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Are you, or someone you love, so damn frustrated by a stalker (or cyberpath) you just want to scream? Adding insult to injury most recommendations come in the form of things you must do. You, not the stalker, are advised to turn your world upside in hopes it might stop. Law enforcement tells you there is not enough to make an arrest. Nobody or nothing seems to help.

When you are at your wits end I suggest you stalk the stalker. No, I don’t mean literally go out and follow them around. Nor do I mean gather all their personal information you can get your hands on. What I do mean is learn as much as you can about them. You need to become your own expert on how they think.

Why? Your stalking will offer some relief in two ways. Your research will reveal you are not crazy and that you are just an object used for pleasure.

Let’s go inside the mind of one type of stalker, the psychopath. If you have trouble grasping it, don’t be surprised. Most of us do not think the same way.

I want to focus on the psychopath because they are extremely destructive with potential life ending consequences. We have no way of predicting if your stalker’s desire includes this possibility. All are not created equally.

Unless they come out and admit prior instances you are left in perilous fear of the prospect. In your own best interest keep a positive outlook.

For the purpose of this article I am going to assume your stalker is a psychopath.

Generally, most people’s behavior is constrained. We are not typically aware of it, but it happens just the same. It is this natural constraint that your stalker may lack. Without it, their game of life is played by totally different rules.

Consideration of their rules helps explain their actions and might translate into some predictability on your part. You did not volunteer for any of this, but you are in it just the same.

Believe it or not your stalker has the advantage right from the start. By the time you realize anything is going on they have your life down. Someway, somehow, somewhere you became an object they have a desire to play with. Why you are the chosen has no precise answer.

To ask why they don’t stop is easier to understand. Their unfettered actions will continue until they no longer have the object (you) available or they become interested in a new object (phew).

Obviously if you are able to build a case strong enough your stalker is off to prison for a while, the game is over or maybe just suspended. In the worst case scenario you do not live to tell about it, then the game is over.

The best outcome and one that you may have a slight influence over is transference of interest. This is when you are replaced. These individuals are predators and they will stalk their entire life. Some prey may never be aware of it until it is over. But in your case you are very aware.

The other way your stalker has an advantage over you is their actions are unfettered. You may have no appreciation of this fact. Get some advantage over the the situation and wrap your mind around the concept their actions are delivered to you without any feelings for you whatsoever. You may be dealing with them the same way your deal with anybody else.
Big mistake.

How you feel about the way you are being treated makes no difference. To them you are like a soccer ball, kicked around for pleasure. Pleading with them does not compute.

Imagine you are out in a huge grassy meadow listening to your favorite music. Nobody is around. A song comes on you love. You jump up and start dancing like never before. No constraint, the music moves your body without a care in the world. The music is your motivator and your body is responding to a desire. Nobody is around to inhibit or constrain your actions. Try it sometime. You may dance like never before.

Most of us are inhibited by what others might think and constrained by not wanting to hurt another. If your stalker is a psychopath, then they are not.

Why they do not stop is because they are neither inhibited nor constrained. They do not have the ability to identify with your feelings. Remember how you feel in the meadow. Nobody is around to identify with so you feel free to move your body in accordance with your desire.

Your stalker lives in this meadow all the time. Only their meadow may be downtown New York City.

What about the fact they are living a normal life outside their stalking behavior. If you believe that you need to take yourself back to the meadow. Nothing is normal about their life. Getting along in a world that has different rules comes from learning and executing taught behavior. It is that simple.
When faced with something unique their true identity is revealed. If you know what to look for you will see it. Their response will be inappropriate, unless they get lucky.

Highly intelligent psychopaths are masters at this. What they learn as children is executed almost flawlessly as adults. Almost is the key word here. If you watch them long enough you will see repetitive inappropriate behavior.

Stalking is inappropriate behavior. If a stalker has a desire to stalk, they will pursue it irrespective of any attempts to teach them what is appropriate. Your telling them what they are doing is wrong is a waste of energy.

Research how the psychopath’s mind works.

Take back control of your life. Stalk Your Stalker ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

Our family's cyberstalker has tried to be other people like my step daughter and my husbands ex wife - no doubt to cause trouble. I think its just a crack up - but what can you expect when they have been diagnosed with a mental illness and have suffered severe abuse all their life. Maybe they thought they would cause trouble but nothing will stop the love my husband has for his eldest 2 children. That's where boudaries come in - it protects the good and keeps out the bad.