Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Exposure: Is it an Intervention? or Revenge?

Mistaken by a cyberpath as an attack.

A predator/ narcissistic cyberpath is complicated but simultaneously transparent when confronted with exposure of their motives.
They are always about the next fix, so if a situation becomes difficult and they find that it is not making them feel good they will blame shift and start looking for the next target. They can never admit and are incapable of realizing that 110% they did it to themselves!

...it was never, ever about you. It was always about them. All about their relentless and all-consuming pursuit of the nectar of supply. You simply made yourself available for feeding upon. You were an means to an end. Nothing more. Yeah, that smarts.

...They don't see you. It's not about you. It will never be about you. You didn't exist for them as a fully feeling and sentient human being. They can not properly assess your value as a person. You are only as good as the nectar of attention you can give them. No matter how great the quality, at some point they get bored. All you'll get for thanks is a door in your face and a big kiss off. They are nothing more than big children who play with their toy for days, weeks, months. Then one day they lose all interest in the toy and kick it aside for another...
you've been drastically and catastrophically demoted. All in a moment, a twinkling of the narcissist's eye.

They've moved on to another source and leave you to the licking of your wounds. Lick your wounds, but don't work on that too long. You have reason to be thankful. You are no longer being used. You are no longer someone's sycophant, slave or fall-back supply source. Been dumped by a narcissist? Thank the God in Heaven for your new lease on life and resolve to not again be taken in by a parasitic narcissist.

They are not worth the tears you're shedding for them. You are weeping over the relationship
you thought you had, but never did. - SOURCE

Next time they will be more careful not to get caught or figured out. And the next target gets to be on the receiving end of the heightened game.

But what if they have been EXPOSED?

The script has to change now. What does that mean?

Effort. Now they have to work harder to keep up the lie. Reputation, ego, image, humiliation.

Now their avenues for prey have been depleted downward.

Now the blame shifting has become their only weapon. Make it the other person's fault, but don't stop there. Do it up big. Make themselves the victim . Turn it around and play the "poor me" card.

They will attack you, smear you, turn you into the enemy, lie about you, defame you and even engage others in helping to 'bring you down.'

Always notice that at no point do they think about who they hurt, stop to feel bad about the pain they caused someone else. At no point can they see that they need to STOP and realize that if it has gotten this bad, it is time to reevaluate themselves and get help. No, narcissists are incapable of this moment of self awareness. They don't have the internal mechanisms for this sort of deep introspection. They can SAY they do - but they do NOT.

Even though its time to wake up... They Can't. They simply CAN NOT.

This doesn't happen because of their entrenched belief that they are superior to everyone. Oh, they may apologize to the wife/husband/partner; go to counseling for a few weeks and bamboozle the counselor; even tell a minimized, white-washed, spun story of "what really happened" according to them - but those they preyed on? Well, its THE PREY'S fault isn't it?


Then they keep finding outlets, ways to escape reality. New identities, new websites, new emails. Putting you on exposure sites. Even if they say they do - they don't stop. Ever.
Being Exposed is an Intervention. Our Intervention for them. And they will only see it as a full frontal attack. So don't stop. DO THE INTERVENTION... but do it for you and others.
The ways they respond confirms its the real truth which they exposed - ALL BY THEMSELVES.

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Nina said...

This is such an important and accurate portrayal of how these predators prey on their victims, I was one of them and suffered an extreme trauma. I was able to go a step further. I did expose my predator and he found the site he was on. He started leaving cruel comments so I decided to try and really talk to him and let him know in detail how I suffered from his actions. There was never any remorse or even acknowledgement of the severe trauma I went through. In fact, he did his best to discredit me and turn things around. I was just a good, honest person who cared for him. In my last conversation he gloated about what he had done to me and totally admitted it as to reap in the rewards of hurting me. Only a sick person would do that and it only goes to show that they never will change.