Friday, July 20, 2012

Experts at Brainwashing: Premeditated Mind Control

Are you a caring individual who is in this situation and can’t discover the way out of this emotionally destructive cycle? Your frustration may be caused by the premeditated mind control of a psychopathic companion. (like a cyberpath).

A relationship that is in constant chaos absent explanation is a sign that your companion’s goal might be mind control rather than issue resolution. A relationship that is resolution oriented does not pass through the halls of argument or confusion to reach the goal.

Two individuals, in control of their own minds, civilly express common and uncommon viewpoints, then agree to the best course of action. When an individual desires to control another’s mind, the course is argument with resulting guilt by the one controlled.

Guilt is a powerful tool used by manipulators to control the targeted mind. Love means never having to say you are sorry. This is a profound statement worth noting. The partner that expresses sorrowful guilt is not the one where love should be questioned. Question the receiver that instigates this response.

If you are the target of a manipulator via mind control your appreciation of how their mind works will free you from your guilt and inevitable disaster. For those that are reading this in a state of puzzlement regarding the nature of your relationship, you are not alone. Many relationships live in similar turmoil.

In order to stop this cycle you need to understand why it is happening. When two people meet and build a relationship toward a future together often times each puts their best foot forward to impress the other. This initial impression has the potential to last a lifetime.

A destructive manipulator is no stranger to the importance of this ritual.
During the initial phase in their relationships they are the master of charm. Once this manipulator of the mind feels they have you under their spell, they transform into an evil person. You may exhaustively attempt to change them back to the person you once knew.

You will not succeed. That was an illusion.

Anytime you think or say “[your companion] use to be [such and such]” stop and discover you might be in a relationship with an individual devoid of empathy. EMPATHY is an essential restraint on behavior. It is amazingly potent against those saturated in empathy by those in the absence of empathy.

Your empathy causes your guilt and your manipulative partner’s absence leaves them guiltless. This fundamental difference creates disputes.

The battle for blame is not worth the time and energy expended against an always blameless combatant.

Stop owning what is not yours. If you are dealing with somebody who lives in the absence of empathy, shouldering their guilt is futile. Never, ever feel guilty for another person’s behavior.

If your companion turns their back this is confirmation of their life in the absence of empathy. Their action is not your fault. Do not dwell on your misguided choice. Move forward with the knowledge that you may have escaped the destructive nature of a psychopath.

Serenity exists in a life filled with empathy.


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Anonymous said...

a disturbing read due to the accuracy in this article; had I not experienced this first hand, I would not say it is so but as they sometimes say, hindsight is 20/20 and this article brings out many points that do happen and they can (and will) happen unbeknownst to the person until it is too late.

Take note of the red flags early on, trust your intuition and don't be afraid to walk away, say no or even block the individual

Anonymous said...

Telling you only what you want to hear. Small dribblings and touches to always keep you near. There is a mask that they wear, quite thick and strong. Trust yourself its a red flag if it feels wrong.

To move on from a monster such as this is a step in the right direction no matter how hard it seems. It takes two people to have a relationship. Make sure you honor yourself in this equation.