Friday, May 20, 2011

More Raving from Stone

from Gary Stone: 

Alledging death threats is a violent act.

At the cassopiae forums XXX, you have made false allegations of stalking and other sensational statments, none of which you prove.

You call yourself Victim 1, and take no responsibilty for what you say.

You also make statements that I have made "death threats." I have not made "any" death threats, if you continue to make such allegations, these statements will be taken to a British court. under the general heading of "defamation," under which the character of these alleged threats -

will be reviewed in light of the hundreds of other false statements you have have made on the internet about me, my wife and children. Made to eopc, and at Ic3.gov..

You are challenged now - to produce proof of these alleged death threats by forewarding to "me" all communications in which you have interpreted the content as a threat to you life. Include full headers, so these can be examined forenscially. Emails generated from any of my known emails or anonymous emails. I do not use anonymous remailer, or any anonymous emails or conduct any anonymous activity. You do, you use Bit torrent and hidemyass.com so does XXX.  (He's blaming a couple of our old support group members here.  His victims published on our site, emails they felt were threatening to them.  We do not use hidemyass.com, we have no reason to.)

Failure to produce this evidence to me is an act of pure cowardice, and it is testimony their character. It implies you simply want to say these things. This will not go unchallenged. Prove it to me.

Proof, does not mean rushing to others and trying to convince them behind my back anonymously as Victim 1 at EOPC,

Convince me Ms XXX, using your full name.

Otherwise, cease and desist from histrionic manipulative smears, the behavior you employ so often to get an emotional rise out of others to get your way. I have made zero death threats, and if I had, the FBI would have made taken issue with me, when you filed your case with them, that case was successfully answered, But your passive aggresssion and the these kinds of threats come from others you know.

Scott Powers made similar allegations in 09 and would not produce the evidence either. Powers alleged the same to my wife, in August 09. It seems false death threats are the way he gets his way (on the other hand XXX, I have recieved veiled threats from XXX, and EOPC and Jdog, which are highly suspect for physical threats. )

Powers had threatened in the past to allege I made death threats against him to ward off a civil suit. He abused my wife in december of 2009, saying that if I didn't remove his name from a civil suit he would call peobody police and make those allegations. A man who would allege charges of that have corporal consequences to me, to avoid civil consequences to himself, is a dangerous man.

He failed to produce these alleged threats to me, or to my lawyer, and lost his license to practice as a process server in Clinton OK, as a result of these and other false allegations. Most of which, you have made. You have damaged his career, by leading mamipulating him with hysteria. (Powers has abused my wife twice on the phone)

XXXX's cease and desist sent to me was dissected in the presence of peobody police as histrionic nonsense. I said to Ms XXX, that she was the type to lie in wait until i go to the market and then start screaming "Mengle Mengle he is a monster!!!" as tho I were a concentration camp anager. I would be there to get bread and milk. This kind of theater does get attention. Luckily she lives in XXX I live in peabody, I am legally blind, and can't "stalk"my way around my own fochin kitchen. But the attention would be drawn to me, as no sane person would react that way, there "must be a good reason"

"What did he do to deserve that!!" That, is histrionic personality disorder. And she is doing your story.

Stop making false statements about me.  (EOPC is a platform for victims.  That is all.)

Likewise XXX has numerous false statements at the cassopiae forums recently - and all of them are like the testimony you and he have made in the past. The bulk of which have been proved false.

His statements are analyzed (url below) You should inform XXX , that due to all he as done, most of which is demonic, I'd relish the thought of blackening both of his eyes and kicking him in what residual minicule testitcles he may have left, but a school yard joust with that fairy is not a death threat And I am aware that my dream will never come true, as according to you, he has angina. A simply fight with that nancy might kill him. But I am allowed to indulge the fantasy and vicariously kick his ass here

I have cited the general case on a blog (url well below).

Any new false statements will be added. People who make theatrical statements as you have, now and in the past,` sometimes carry the diagnosis of histrionic personality disorder. Your sexual exhibitionism at soundclick and at PGS, and history of sexual manipulations, indescretions and theatrical statements seem to fit the rubric of personality disorder, as does your global potreyal yourself as "universal victim" - your most successful role, but, it is also the role that gets you most of what you want. I have never known you to play any other. But when your behavior/allegations get this serious, you present a danger to me, as Powers did by perversley defending himself that way when he mispercieved I'd filed suit against him.

The only victims are me, my children, and my family. I consider your passive aggressive allegations. violent,, especially since now, there is evidence XXX is able to emmulate my IP, the evidence is on the computer crimes page. You can now generate emails that appear to come from me and may even have my IP. His allegations and yours are dangerous and a threat to me.  (Again the point of what EOPC is missed completely)

May I remind you Ms XXX, my passport was stamped thanks to you and XXX, I couldn't go to Nova Scotia without a five hour inteview explaining the circumstances where you invited me to scotland, and how you subsequently smeared an immigration officer, for his intuitions about you. Using Alex Salmond and Sandra White to do it.

And what would I have flown into? You Jealous former husband, and you welfare issues.

The fact that XXXX can generate internet activity using my IP presents a problem and a danger to me. Do I need to change my provider and hence my IP, or will you simply discover it, and endanger me again? I am not going to get, a new IP, and knuckle under to you're tyrany. (see computer crimes page url below)

By your own admission, in a round about way, with another agenda, you made false statements about your first husband, and he went to prison. (if he is still alive he should be reinterviewed, as you told me, he did not ever beat you, he pulled you hair and listened to your phone calls, and I asked, specifically of you, "did he ever beat you?" You did not say he did. Jail seems a way you validated yourself as victim to your mother.

and friends after all - the problem could never be YOU.

Stop making false statements about me which endanger me and my family. Otherwise prove your statements catagorically by allowing me to have them forensically analized, be prepared to the allegations under oath

Make that charge in a Peabody Mass court, or to the FBI, put up or shut up.

May I remind you XXX that XXXX's hard drive is under subpoena, this may result in evidence of collusion and serious acts commited against others, possibly criminal in nature, and definitely civil - that hard drive could be of benefit to me, as it may contain evidence of collusion between You XXXX and XXX, and other EOPC fighters in criminal conspiracy (my civil case, nursing) I may testify in that case, if asked, either directly, or by deposition - and I will convey my experience with XXXX, and I will ask inquire about any evidence of a criminal conspiracy that may exist on that drive. evidence of you plotting with XXXX and XXXX, With that I can put your outrageous claims to bed permanently.

In addition. Ms XXX, XXXX has made statements that you were falsely accused of welfare fraud, the evidence suggests you were justly reported. The evidence was very strong. I have invited you to sign a release for this informaion that meets court standard: e.g, a mail to me, with a reference number, that way I can call DWP and verify with a manager, that the investigation has produced no result. If wrong, I will publically apologize.

You have made statements about PTSD, that you were hospitalized for same, in 08. and properly diagnosed. Since you have made these statements in public vis a vie EOPC, please back it up with another simple signed release, which simply says "she was so diagnosed."

Neither of these should pose a problem, and privacy is not an issue, as your story is directly linked to my name, photos address, those are true privacy violations,

You are challenged publically XXXX because I don't go behind he scenes and snipe, what I say, I sign my name to...produce your evidence to me, or learn to stop stalking me, monitoring my statements about your fithly page on facebook, which only serves to further your aggressive attacks against me. The cause and sequence of aggressions is clear enough to me, you have made them obscure by deliberation, and whenever you do hide your identity and smear and attack me and my wife you will be routed out, brought out in the open and challenged.

Could XXXX please produce the famous British Psychologist who said I should be put down like a dog? I have an issue with his idea of treatment, I expect he is from Hanibal lecture school rogue psychology.

And so, I am wondering if recently you have recieved any emails, because, save for today, and cc to brits, I have not emailed you since last August. There were two requests sent to Auntie Audrey to remove her page, she was not threatened.
legally or othewise.

Our issue is the movement of your filth to facebook, defending Auntie XXX, by alleging death threats in the past, is not acceptable, Justfiying it with alledged death threats is the way you advance your aggression.

Auntie XXXX was provacative

instigation on soundclick hence it is the same on facebook, Facebook is a family oriented site Not a vendetta sex smear site, You are in violations of TOS, and your multilayered coverings of agony aunt, and promoting of soundclick musicians is just perverse veil of defense YOU arrived with you soundclick smears. and adapted the rest when the page was reported.

30 people have reported it, you're a success, congradulations

But have you rationalized there and at soundclick by use of files from eopc 08 -09. Smears and lies.

Advancing your hostile aggressions using alleged death threats and eopc smears will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, XXXX and you say, Welfare fraud reports have no substance. Really XXXX? The evidence was overwhelming. The existence of an second off shore bank, intellgent finance, used to hide money, was proved from paypal payments. That account existed prior to meeting me. My payements sent to you, would have to be investigated, by way of checking routing to that bank, from LLOYDS your welfare account. If none existed DWP would have to open up pay pal and verify my payments to "a bank." that bank, would be intelligent finance.

They'd check all my numbers, verify you were paid, and to which bank, They would also check all monies that were ever placed there. On that fact alone, the evidence was strong. You should have no bank to hide money. And, as you know, other proofs were supplied to support deception 2003 - 2008, and 2008 ---

But, I have challenged you to produce a signed release that is verifiable by court standards, you demure. You also demure when I challenge you on all statements, but of particular interest is the one where through eopc you say were diagnosed with PTSD in 08, and hospitalized for same, because of me.

Since it was announced in public, and I was cited as the cause, a signed release simply saying you were diagnosed because of me, should be no problem. But it seems to be a persistent problem, going back to your 08 EOPC testimony where the same challenge was demanded. And, that is not very surprising since I suspect none of your statements are true, including your alleged death threats. I might add that, the extent to which you manage to surpress free speech, such as shutting down my talk back at zimbio mindsay and wordpress in 08, may have employed anon defamations to blog support then, those could be under subpoena. for alleged death theats used.

I filed a complaint to the complaintboard.com, on soundclick, In order for that to be removed, a sensational statement would have to be made to shut that down, as the complaint board is not liable for what I say. They denied their own eyes, hard evidence. So, were alleged death threats used there? That evidence would be under subpoena in any civil action against you.

And, when you were using Scott Powers, one prepared to make that allegation against me, I hired Timothy Burchell in Britain. Somehow his report did not jive with any known facts, as he gave me a paltry report, no address for you,

he said your divorce was irreconsilable differences, which was probably false, he said rick kline worked for a company he never worked for, and paid no income tax for 25 years and he tried to justify XXX paying no tax. Did you get to him, if so, how did you know which one I used (refer to computer crimes page, hacked emails)

The report was nonsense. Did XXX Powers or YOU contact him and allege "death threats?" If this is the way you defend you self Miss XXX be forewarned, I will not tolerate this dangerous approach without taking legal action against you and XXXX ne on your home turf or here. All of your testimony from behind the scenes, done in various locations could be under subpoena to see if this is, in fact, you get away with endangering me, or the way you edify your repution, or justify your internet smears and baiting at soundclick, or at facebook.

The general discussion of the new attack at eopc is here:You should note, Sandra Brown is a Psychologist, she does not, and never has, endorsed this group. (THIS IS A BLATANT LIE and we have published the truth.)


A on offer to XXX, to engage in a school yard fight. XXXX and your friends ms smith can now generate internet activity that appears to me coming from me. If you have recieved emails that appear to come from me, please forward full headers (see url below) Pay particular attention to how he hacked my ID safe.

and opened a twitter account, and broadcast a gay bands news, to my Ilike account, Ms Smith weren't you challenging my orientation in your soundclick "fairy stories?"

Again, XXXX? your evidence needs to presented to me, with full headers, not to continue as you have been , behind my back to others, not as XXXX, but as Victim 1. This is a pattern in 08, you were Kinky XXX, Now you are Auntie XXX, and at cassopiae you allege death threats to an anonymous Purple haze This anomity is conspicuous and prurile, as spreading anon smears far and wide will somehow make them true. What is especially queer is your false image and masked voice at soundclick taking sick pot shots at my family, It is supreme cowardice.

Send the evidence please.

PS: In my civil case, the one you destoyed, the allegation that a manager threatened to pull a nurses eyeballs out if she slept on the job was the issue.

There's another example of people defending themselves with lies.

If you remember, I challenged the admin to summit a police report, and a report to the board of nurses. They didn't do it. No citation against my right to have a nurses license was ever made. And this is because, they could not prove it, and did not want to prove it. The police would investigate and so would the board.

The issue was reverse discrimination involving five black nurses. It was submitted to the MCAD, Suffolk court, and it was pulled after two years of your assualts on it, with allegations like you have made, at EOPC, contaminated from the internet. When an anonmous caller in april of 2010, said I would settle for 10k and eligibilty, the case had to be pulled from the courts. YOU would be deposed. What would you say in your deposition if your two year ambition was to destroy that case?

You won your victory XXX, you labled your poetry at soundclick Poetic Justice, and recorded Fairy Gerry's Judgement day (Fairy Gerry Lapierre, from the french Gerry Stone, I am sure your brother will recognize Scary Mary, I believe those recordings are replete with court scenes. Even Mr Mann of Scottish immigration was in them, as well as the two gloved fairies who had to frisk me before I got on the plane in 07. Mr Mann questioned your motives as much as mine saying "they invite them into scotland to get them off of welfare. I have offered my condolences to him, vis a vie Alex Salmond in 08, for all of the trouble you put Mr Mann through.)


Gary Stone

XXX when it comes right down to it, you're just an asshole

You are the best example I can think of destructive violence of the Professional Victim

Take your faries and get lost
I am going to consult a lawyer on this matter.


Hacked his accounts? Can anyone who knows anything about computer programming explain what he's talking about?


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No one is 'in prison' and no one is being investigated. The FBI/ IC3 isn't looking into anyone he mentions. They have a 9+ year backlog and they are aware of Stone. EOPC does not attack, we simply report. The Peabody, MASS (USA) police most certainly take all reports seriously and are aware of Stone's cyberharassment and have been for some time; they didn't discount anything any of his victims sent them. This is pure nonsense from Stone that does not appear to have foundation in much reality.

One of our numerous DMCA filings against Stone

No one 'hacked' him. EOPC does not drive around
with a laptop "wifi sniffing" just so we can spend 20 + hours to successfully hack his bank account!  We do not hack down his blogs or hack his email. We don't hack ever.  We are a platform for victims. 

Stone also states that a bit torrent server is connected and hacked into his machine, he's not very smart. He's probably downloading movies via Torrent files and a Bit-torrent client like VUZE - His daughter might be downloading from her computer.

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