Monday, May 23, 2011

Beware "Guardian" and Her Proxy Recruitment

If you read this site, are a victim of abuse, have ever visited an abuse site, advocate for abuse victims or cyberpath victims - beware: GUARDIAN IS ON THE CASE!!!

An troll named Betsy Ashby - nicknamed Guardian has been in touch with Gary Stone, our 2 1/2 year harasser and 4 year harasser of his victims, who was just reprofiled, to let him know who they believe EOPC is and with "proof" of who we are! lol...

fromGary Stone backbeatone@gmail.com
dateFri, May 20, 2011 at 2:12

Sandra Brown has never communicated with me. Guardian has, and I have her name, her phone.Guardian, has sent me pdf
files, citing law suits against XXX,and in one of the pdf, it is clear, XXX's
hard drive, is under subpoena.I am not obliged to reveal this information, but
the case is filed in MO. I have had numerous visits to my varieuswars with you
from Mo as well. I have guardian's full information.
And, she says to me, that
Sandra Brown MA, from northCarolina, does not endorse you
. I have guardian's phone,and her website. And her name. The emphasis in the phonecall was placed, on sandra brown's dissassociation from yourblog. The caller named XXX, as one of two corrent writers XXX being the other. Lisa Scott, is also a "suspect"fighter, per Betsy, the first name of guardian. The blog she referred me to was writtern primarily by XXX and XXX,"the foul mouth one" is XXX

Gary Stone

fromGary Stone
dateFri, May 20, 2011 at 3:39 PM
hide details May 20 (2 days ago)

I wont be forewarding the email to the source. Stop playing gane


Guardian is going to feed Stone and her minions on Cassiopaea.org the names of people she doesn't like to cyberpaths in her proxy recruitment of harassers. And she's going to dig up 'evidence' even if its 20 years old or invalid or fabricated, keep screaming loud & long hoping that will give it the air of 'truth' and force it to fit! LOL


Don't confuse Stone with reality, readers - Guardian has told him everything he needs to know. LOL

Guardian aka Betsy Ashby appears to be a woman from North Carolina (our ruse got her to rant and in her making fun of us - give us further information) who has been trolling the net for years and has been banned from or kicked off of numerous abuse support sites, native american, new age and pagan sites in the past.

She decided to bestow her bounty of erroneous, assumed secret 'facts' on Stone as her proxy to harass and hassle people who have called her on what she does to other victims in the past. She purposely fed Stone the names of people she (and her BFF Sandra Brown, MA) wants harassed; one of them just happens to be an old victim of a cyberpath who Stone keeps poking at; and she strung together her research to make it seem plausible; Making it seem she's "figured it all out" and is just helping poor Stone!

"When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed--they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lie." (Dr. Robert Hare, Author WITHOUT CONSCIENCE)

Stone believes because Ashby gave him her phone number and "name" she must actually know something! He doesn't realize he's being used and this whole thing will only torpedo whatever chance at a 'case' he may still have had. She strung together a bunch of unrelated facts, sprinkled in some lies, assumptions and misstatements and presented it as a cohesive whole. Sound familiar, readers?

She's not 'helping' anyone - she's simply starting one of her many smear campaigns, which she has done in the past. With too much time on her hands, she's online causing trouble. She seems to be fixated on a handful of people. She's not exposing anyone who's abusing the internet and others - she's decided to ASSIST poor poor cyberpaths, harassers & predators who DESERVED to be exposed! Perhaps this handful of people she attacks have caught her or her friends doing things they shouldn't have been?




FROM: http://newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?topic=1234.0

Ashby issued dozens of threats of lawsuits, none of which were ever carried out. In fact, her lawyer's tactics were so sleazy and unethical, he faced being disbarred and only avoided any action from his state bar by concealing his address.

And as already pointed out , when she [Ashby] doesn't like someone she appears very willing to ignore obvious information that casts her so called documentation into doubt.

Betsy Ashby has a talent for selecting the facts that support the point she wants to make, inventing a few things that aren't fact at all, and leaving out everything that doesn't support the story she wants people to believe .

Yes, Ashby's campaigns have been a spectacular and downright laughable failure.

Since we started in 2005, the ONLY ones interested in who we are - are ALWAYS THOSE WE EXPOSE!!!

Guardian thinks that if abuse victims know each other, if bloggers know each other - then LOGICALLY they are all in cahoots against innocent people like GARY STONE!!! ROFL!

Guardian said our anonymity = weak yet we don't see her advertising who she is. We see her shrieking about anyone who is digging up information about her yet she feels totally justified to post people's addresses, phone numbers, employers, children - online. All things we never do because it can and does harm innocent people and is actionable as a part of IDENTITY THEFT!

No, we see her trouble-making and feeling all powerful behind a keyboard. Sounds a bit like a cyberpath. Who we are is immaterial to anyone but a cyberpath, predator or harasser that we catch.Those innocent people Guardian is trying very very hard to TIE TOGETHER; none of whom are us and most of whom we DID NOT EVEN KNOW UNTIL NOW... have been kind enough to show us their evidence of GUARDIAN's malicious stalking!! (more coming and when it does we will post it):

Here's just ONE our statistics on Guardian's many visits here:

Entry Page Time: 20 May 2011 07:53:47 PM
Visit Length: 32 mins 7 secs
Browser: Firefox 3.5
OS: WinVista
Resolution: 1280x800
Location: United States
IP Address:
Frontier Communications (
Referring URL:
http://www.google.com/ gary stone
Entry Page:
Exit Page:

Here's the statistics from another blog:

Number of Visits: 145

Entry Page Time: 20 May 2011 06:52:27 PM
Visit Length: 2 hours 53 mins 3 secs
Browser: Firefox 3.5
OS: WinVista
Resolution: 1280x800

Location: United States
IP Address: Frontier Communications (

16 May 04:48:56 PM
(No referring link) 16 May 04:51:23 PM
(No referring link) 16 May 04:54:54 PM
(No referring link) 16 May 05:01:35 PM
(No referring link) 16 May 05:05:05 PM
(No referring link) 19 May 02:34:50 PM
(No referring link) 19 May 02:36:49 PM
(No referring link) 19 May 02:45:42 PM
(No referring link) 19 May 02:52:14 PM


Guardian has a lot on her hard drive, doesn't she? She's the judge & jury with her "PREDATOR ARCHIVE"!


Guardian has a specific agenda against certain people and she's trying to play them against one another. Guardian must have way too much time on her hands!

(you do know Guardian - DOWNLOADING THESE THINGS FROM PEOPLE'S BLOGS IS A COPYRIGHT VIOLATION UNDER FEDERAL LAW??? oh wait, Guardian "knows" the law because Guardian "is" the law - on her planet.)

Guardian says she's got SCREENSHOTS of people's COMPUTERS!! That's an admission of hacking... too late Guardian - we took a screenshot of that post on Cassiopea and passed it along to those you're accusing so they can take it to Frontier Communications and law enforcment as EVIDENCE OF HACKING... another Federal offense. BTW - our screen shot? Was on an open, public forum... not someone's private computer.

On top of that, we have made no secret that XXX has allowed us to use her miniserver since 2005 as thanks for outing her cyberpath. We have proxy servers that we can just plug server numbers into - so it looks like we could be any one of the millions of people using the same server and IP as XXX. XXX is a DV advocate who has helped many many other advocates such as us: Sandra Brown, MA; Dr. Robert Hare and so on. Are you merely a psychopath trying to attack those of us who fight to educate people about someone like you? Nice try, Guardian!

And why your very unnatural and perverted interest? or in cyberstalking XXX and XXX? aside from helping poor, poor Gary Stone?? what's YOUR agenda Guardian? Linking Lissa Daly (from Australia or New Zealand) to the targets of your stalking and rage? Who cares about lawsuits, web postings or comments by others who may be some of the victims we support?? or someone we don't even know?? You seem to have a lot of time to stalk and harass people, Guardian - or give innocent names to people like Stone to get them to participate in your game playing? Who cares? We care about the victims we support & validate.

What is clear is that you seem more interested in hurting as many unrelated, blameless people as you can with your ridiculous assumptions.

And feeding these people to someone like Stone as 'proof' of something you have 'uncovered'? -- you're an idiot Guardian.

BEWARE FELLOW BLOGGERS: Frontier Communications on your statistics? in your hits? It's GUARDIAN ON THE CASE!

for JUST some of the incoherent ravings of Gary Stone that he got from his new BFF "Guardian" CLICK HERE

Betsy/ Guardian keeps feeding Stone's persecution complex then sitting back to enjoy the show. (much like bully & liar Scott Powers did!!)

Here's just some of Guardian's venom against EOPC and innocent people they want Stone and others to think are us, using cult leader Laura Knight Jadcyzk's Cassiopaea forum to do it (read the last 5 or 6 posts)

Guardian - you're cyberstalking people and passing along twisted "facts" to known crazies in order to make trouble -- and we're on to you. You thought you could destroy this blog and harm innocent people at the same time. Once we find out everything about you - you'll be exposed too.

Seems you do this harassing - accusing - stalking A LOT Guardian, er Betsy, er Bettie, er Nancy:



http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=20972122 SEXUAL ABUSE OF A YOUNG GIRL?!

http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?action=printpage;topic=2312.0ttp://www.nntpnews.info/threads/9930250-Betsy-Ashby-Guardian-is-a-Hypocrite has this gem:

Betsy Guardain claims to defend people from predators but defends the
predators she likes
. .. I see a false Guardian. A Guardian who thinks shes the exception to her own rules. I call that hypocracy. I call that deceptive and corrupt.

http://mail.indianz.com/boardx/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=36235&whichpage=4 You do this a lot don't you Guardian? Don't you have a real job?

Does Sandra Brown, MA know what her volunteer office assistant is up to? That's she's allowing a serial harasser to have full access to her emails, client list, people's personal information? That you probably send out emails AS Ms. Brown, Betsy? Did Brown even bother to check you out?

It is also deeply troubling that Laura Knight Jadzyck is aiding in your smear and disinformation campaign.

Don't you remember the old saying that 'when you throw mud at others your own hands get dirty.' No? how about the one about throwing stones when you live in a GLASS HOUSE?

CHECK MATE, Guardian


Sandra Brown, MA's volunteer office assistant, advocate and helper is GUARDIAN. When you get email from Brown - it may not be from her but from BETSY ASHBY! You may be pouring your heart out to a serial harasser.:

Bettie (Betsy). Ashby

Out of the Dark, Inc..

76XX Whispering Pines Trail

Windsor, VA 23487

(757) XXX-0664


Anyone with more information about Ashby/ Guardian's online activities - please contact us. (we are not interested in her family, address or phone number or their jobs, just her online 'busy' work)


Anonymous said...

I have waited YEARS to see Guardian AKA Betsy Ashby exposed for who she really is. This woman has tried to ruin my family and my business with her trash and still has websites up that are hurting people who don't have the money to fight back. I don't know that she will ever be shut down for good but I am SO GLAD she is finally getting a taste of her own medicine.

Anonymous said...

People are finally getting what they need to put this woman in her place...Hopefully behind bars or better yet under the jail.

Anonymous said...

This woman is very harmful, its good to see someone holding her to account for her actions

Anonymous said...

The Cassiopaea is a cult, and cult leaders often are the main providers of mental disorders, for themselves and to their followers.
Besides, these people deranged and paranoid, feeling like a humanity apart, tend to cluster.

Anonymous said...

Betsy Ashby is a joke. She threatens but never follows through. She is almost ALWAYS wrong in her assumptions. She attacks innocent people. She's nasty, racist, vicious and gets her kicks out of trying to hurt people. She's sick, deeply sick.

Anonymous said...

I have seldom witnessed such foul mouthed behavior as that which Betsy Ashby is capable of, and the persistence with which she goes after her victims. It’s full blown narcissism at best, psychopathology at worst. The consistency with which she keeps it up is also astonishing. Every time an online community kicks her out, she takes her pathology to the next community and repeats the same pattern. It’s interesting that she was attracted to the work of Sandra Brown, although not really, classic case of identification, same identification Laura Kinight-Jadczyk has with the topic of psychopathology…

Reminds me of that Colorado chap who was one of the most vocal voices against cults, and eventually turned into one of the most damaging cult leaders himself. The irony…