Friday, November 09, 2012

Religious Online Dating Sites Prove Just as Dangerous as Secular

If you think meeting them on a Christian, Catholic, Pagan, Jewish or other religiously oriented online dating site is better? THINK AGAIN!! Online dating of ANY KIND is a NO NO!!! And the second woman shows again - GOOGLE THEM FIRST and READ EVERY HIT & PAGE NO MATTER HOW MANY!!

A man who police say raped and sexually assaulted women he met through online LDS (Latter Day Saints) chat sites is in trouble again for striking up new Internet conversations.

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Kent Parkinson, 28, appeared in 4th District Court on Wednesday for an order to show cause filed by prosecutors who say he's been contacting woman on the Internet — a direct violation of his plea in abeyance.

In September 2006, Parkinson pleaded no contest to five counts of forcible sex abuse, two counts of forcible sodomy, 10 counts of rape and one count of aggravated kidnapping, all first- and second-degree felonies.

Prosecutors agreed to hold those in abeyance for three years — and not ask for prison time — if Parkinson could complete a series of requirements, including sex-offender treatment, paying fines and filing progress reports.

Prosecutor Mariane O'Bryant said in 2006 that although the deal seemed lenient, it was acceptable to the two victims, who were so traumatized by the abuse that more court hearings would have been difficult.

Police say Parkinson met the first woman online and later went to her home in Springville to watch a movie. During the movie, the woman told police Parkinson touched her breasts and genitals without her consent, according to a police affidavit filed in 4th District Court.

The second case also began with an online meeting and when the two met in person, police said, Parkinson kept the woman against her will for 10 hours and raped her repeatedly at a home in Orem, Utah according to an affidavit.

Defense attorney Debbie Hill told the court Wednesday that she wanted time to talk to Parkinson about the new allegations and the case was set for Nov. 26.

In September 2006, Parkinson was told that if he failed to meet the conditions of his probation or violated the law again, he could be sentenced and face the potential of life in prison.

The new chatting allegations arose when a woman from Layton said she met Parkinson on the Web site LDSplanet.com, and they chatted then agreed to meet.

She met him in July and they hung out several times, although she said she was hesitant to kiss him as much as he seemed to want to, she wrote in a sworn statement filed in 4th District Court.

They hung out a few more times but Parkinson began to get more aggressive and even unfriendly, the woman wrote. At one point she told him her feelings had changed and she wasn't interested and he got mad and said he never wanted to see her again, then sped away in his car, according to her statement.

The woman said she got home and deleted him from her Internet chat accounts, then searched to see if he had a MySpace account so she could block him from that, too.

She told police that during that search she found a newspaper article about his original cases and that he was not supposed to be using the Internet.

"That is when we decided that we had to contact someone about it so nothing else could happen to me or anyone else," she wrote in her statement.

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