Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Punishing narcissists [by exposing them] is not being mean to them. It may be the only thing that can help. And, as for their victims, it is simple justice, the right thing to do for their sake too. - What Makes Narcissists Tick

What is the predator thinking? What's going on in the mystery behind those steely blue eyes? What do they see in you?

Something to love for anything but lunch?

How many tiger-tamers and lion-tamers have fooled themselves into thinking they had developed a relationship with these beasts? Fooled themselves into unknowing that every minute of every day in the cage that tiger was tempted.

That's what tiger-taming is - astounding an audience with the audacity of dangling yourself as bait before a predator.

Until one day, when out of the blue, almost off-handedly, Tiger hops down off the pedestal and eats the tamer to just be done with it already.

How many times have authorities similarly fooled themselves about a child molester, rapist, or serial killer - thinking they can safely be released from prison? Then, out on the street, bait is constantly dangled before their eyes.

Sooner or later....

One might as well expect a wolf to be lovey-dovey with lambs or expect that tiger to roam the streets without hurting anyone. It ain't gonna happen.

It's all because of the way a predator VIEWS you. There is no connection in that look. It's a tiger and you aren't - you are lunch.

A narcissist has no proper relationship with him- or her-self (N's identify with their image instead of their buried inner selves), so how can they have a proper human relationship with anyone else? They see nothing to identify with in you.

Predators - the way to deal with them is simply to get and stay a safe distance away from them. They may resist the temptation today, but if you keep dangling bait before their eyes, sooner or later you know what is going to happen.
So let no one tell you it's mean to divorce one or cut off contact with one. I don't care how much the narcissist cries about it or even if he or she threatens suicide if you leave. People might as well tell you that you have a moral obligation to remain within striking distance of a great white shark because it's mean to stay away and let it go hungry. Absurd.

A predator has no RIGHT to prey, no claim on your life that you must fulfill by allowing them to use you as their whipping boy.

It's just too bad that they will be sad and unhappy without one, because that's THEIR problem: you have a right to pursue your own happiness.


Anonymous said...

Yes absolutely correct we should not change to anyone we should always be what we are and how we are .
Its very dangerous now a days since we will not be knowing that predator has catch hold of us emotionally or physically.

Archana Shekar
online safety advisor-www.8falcons.com

Anonymous said...

great advice...one of your exposed predators tracked me throughout the internet, visiting organisations websites and my personal pages; he went on an intel gathering spree then approached me with the strangest of questions; within a few days, he began demanding I cease contact with individuals, began sharing stories that made no sense based on our conversations and lied, lied, lied.

I ceased communication with him after forwarding these correspondence and threats onto authorities.

The sense of entitlement that these predators attempt to seize is full of audacity. The communication has nothing to do with you as a person. Their tricks and game playing needs exposure.

If you see anything in the article above coming from the person contacting you, let the bells sound and run the other way!