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DARREN MEADE: God Directed Him to Harass People?

More on Darren Meade; paid smear-campaigner and internet abuser.  Kudos to this site for calling out religion abusers, like our cyberpaths.  Many meet victims on Religion-based dating sites or religion centered websites.  Beware! 

Religious Sociopath's relate to true Christians as wolves relate to sheep.  The Bible warns of this.  Wolves will come to divide and scatter sheep.  The apostle Paul warned Christians in his day for three years, day and night with tears, knowing wolves would come and leaders will rise up within their midst, twisting the truth to mislead so they can get their own following.  The apostle Peter also warned of this happening.

A Religious Sociopath is a highly intelligent person who is manipulative and cunning with superficial charm.  Justifying his selfish motivations as permissible because “God wants me to do it for the good of the group,” he does not recognize the rights of others.  His motivation is sometimes revealed in the indecent ridicule of humiliating victims, justifying it by saying he needs to “keep order” or to “protect his flock.” If he can get away with the ridicule, he gains more control.
Religious Sociopath's feel they are entitled to have their way, since it is their right to abuse people.  Being extremely sophisticated liars, they decide to believe their own lies at will.  They are extremely refined in their quickly thought out persuasive answers, knowing to whom and when they can lie and get away with it.  Friends and other people are just opportunities to exploit and control. They do have friends for many years, but the friends all end up as victims because a Religious Sociopath does not truly love others.  The love, friendliness, and compassion is feigned. It is actually hatred.  There is no remorse for those who are hurt or crushed by them.  They don’t truly empathize, but have contempt, disdain, and scorn for others and for God.  The sympathy is feigned.

A Religious Sociopath preaches and believes the Holy Spirit is using only him, and the Holy Spirit in practice cannot teach others, motivate others, or comfort them.  Only the Religious Sociopath can teach and provide comfort; all others need to go through him or the leaders who follow him.  He loves deception and is intimately familiar with mind control techniques.

A Religious Sociopath says what it takes to satisfy people for the moment, but does not follow through or deliver on promises.  He conceals his deep contempt for sincere Christians as he politely helps them understand what he wants them to do.
A Religious Sociopath wants to control every aspect of his victim’s lives for his own self gratification, concealing it within lengthy messages, scripture woven with truth and lies to conceal the true motivations.  This brew of truth and perversion allows him to gain the confidence of sincere Christians who know the Bible, and then slowly deceive them with false doctrine over time.

Religious Sociopath's crave the admiration and approval of others, but at the same time hate those who they control with their deception.  Their doctrine is motivated by their licentious lust for control; for the need to have even more naive victims who will willingly do what they ask.  They feel no remorse for the devastation in people’s lives and relationships, just as Proverbs 26 states.


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from this site (warning - strong language)

Hawking Mortgage & Salvation

This sniveling little weasel bible-punching mortgage broker (with whom I had no prior correspondence) spammed me with his message of Christ’s love and the (admittedly subtle) offering of sound mortgage guidance. Click here to read his email.

Take note of his footnote disclaimer:
“You received this email as a result of your ongoing business relationship with Darren Meade.”

This is 100% unadulterated Christian bullshit. Not one word of that sentence is founded in truth. We never had ANY contact of ANY kind. He is a lying spamming jackass.
Darren’s email included contact info all of which now lead to dead ends. Read on to learn why, but first listen to this hypocrite spew his religious delusion.

The Downward Spiral

Since this rant was added to the site (late-2006), I found the following self-authored blurbs about Darren on two different websites containing other contact info which are also now dead:

My name is Darren Meade with Victory Mortgage Lenders, and I look forward to working with you. Together, we can work through this and position ourselves to really succeed when this [real estate] cloud lifts, ensuring great years ahead.
Darren Meade is a national and local real estate financing expert. He is available for speaking engagements, personal coaching and consultations. He may be reached at (949) 499-1785.
And another…
Over the course of several years I went from being homeless to living in a condo on a golf course and representing the United States in international events culminating in winning the middleweight title of the IFBB Mr. North America bodybuilding competition. At the same time I co-founded a nutritional which exploded in the nutrition market and by age 27 I made my first million. Being young, I then squandered my first 3 million to turn around and build it again and again…slow learner at times!
I’m not too inclined to believe much of this, but I can tell you that Victory Lenders (which he owned) is now out of business. His website is gone, no trace of the company can be found anywhere, and his email address and all of his phone numbers lead nowhere or to someone else. Must be hard to schedule Darren for all those speaking engagements, personal coaching sessions, and financial advisory consultations that Mr. Meade was quick to boast about.

These are just two of many highly-inflated self-authored endorsements that I found with a simple internet name search. I don’t see the need to post more as they’re all filled with the same tripe…less you read what others are saying.

Now read just one of many critiques of Darren’s business savvy and character:

Much like Darren Meade of Victory Lending (Yes, the homeless boy turned bodybuilder turned nutritional supplement king turned mortgage lender), one wonders exactly how much koolaid they might have consumed, and if there will be any long-term mental health impacts to the frequent regurgitation of bull. However, at least with David Lereah, there is at least some formal education to qualify him as a somewhat credible source; if my personal trainer began giving me financial advice, I might have to ask him to stick to what he knows best…it’s the ultimate expression of the shoeshine boy offering stock tips.
However, the difference between the 2 seems to me to be the voracity of their arguments. In one case, Darren obviously believes the crud he’s sharing. He speaks with all of the voracity of a Koresh believer. He might rather endure great pain or even death before admitting any wrong. His lending will only end when those providing the money end it for him. Consider that he might actually lack the mental discernment ability to know that what he’s selling is toxic waste of the lending kind.

Follow the Phony

Google this idiot’s name and see for yourself. Seems like our little Christian friend has a penchant for jumping from job to job, getting himself in trouble, and then playing the part of the perennial victim.
Here’s some bad news for Darren at The Ripoff Report and assorted tales of woe with the equally repugnant (and alleged) Met-Rx founder, Dr. Scott Connelly.

This little tidbit should eventually put the slimeball on ice. Also enjoy Darren’s lame attempt to play the part of the victim on Fox News.

The Coup de Grace
I can’t vouch for the validity of any claim against Mr. Meade, but none of this sounds good for the fellow – and this one takes the cake. It appears that this jackass actually claimed that god directed him to harass people. The rest is pretty god damn bad.

If any of this is true, Darren may have some profound legal woes in his future. Decide for yourself. (Is it just me, or does he look like a creepy Matthew Perry?)

And here’s a gem from rexxfield.com, specialists in combating online defamation. ..... There is a great email posted up from Darren (begging to make rent) because he’s about to be homeless. I’m sorry, but where’s Jesus in all this?

Video Killed the Lame-io Star
Someone posted this video parody of Darren getting bounced by a high-profile attorney in Los Angeles.
And I’ll close with this gem.
I wonder if he’s still living on that golf course. Doubtful, I’m sure.
Perhaps Jesus can assist.

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