Thursday, December 11, 2008

Warning! Beckstead: Sick Christmas Santa on the Prowl


Please avoid all contact if you see this man pictured below, dressed as Santa at a Christmas function, office party or mall near you this Christmas. He is a very cunning and conniving sexual predator who makes it his business to con & get close to unsuspecting young women (sometimes grandmothers) and their young children by playing his "I am a good guy" persona. Being "Santa" is one of his ways to get his foot in your door!
Douglas Beckstead is 50 years old, morbidly obese and tall with heavily greying, brown hair. He usually covers his face with a natural full beard at this time of the year. He wears bifocals most of the time. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska but travels extensively!

This predator knows how to put on the charm and charisma for attention, he craves the adoration and attention that playing Santa gives him. It also gives him easy access to young children and teens, he can touch them without their permission or yours.

Douglas Beckstead is a known online sexual predator & cyberpaths who has trawled the internet for many years, searching carefully for vulnerable targets. His eyes may appear kind in the beginning but please beware he is anything but.

He has a history of sexually & emotionally accosting vulnerable women and children both online and in the many local towns and cities he has ventured into over the years.

He has and will use his career or certain reputable forums to try to prove he is "trustworthy" and "respected." This is a lure, don't fall for it.

If this man approaches you or your children get away as fast as you can - please report anything suspicious to your local law enforcement agency - he is already well known to most of them.

Douglas Beckstead is a chameleon for the cause (HIMSELF) - from dressing up as the Easter Bunny at Easter time to his latest stint. Whilst working over in Iraq, earlier this year on assignment as a visiting historian; working for the Elmendorf Air Force Base. Beckstead had to wear a similar uniform to the real soldiers in order to "blend in". He used this and "blurred the lines" between his actual career and theirs. In other words, he was posing and alluding that he was as an actual soldier and had been "deployed" whilst trying to lure in more unsuspecting targets, when he has never been enlisted in the military. Take a look at his picture -- the military would never deploy someone that obese!

He does things like this for his narcissistic fix, to gain your attention and empathy - he feeds off of it.

Please scroll down and read a letter he sent to one of his numerous targets back in 2005 whilst he was playing Santa in the town of Fairbanks, Alaska. It certainly raises alarm bells.

Remember this man travels to prey and con - don't be his next target of choice.

For further information and full details - emails and the many cons and ploys that this predator and others similar to him inflict upon their victims please feel free to browse through the list of names of the Currently Exposed Cyberpaths on the right side of this site.

Fr further information on Beckstead go to: predatoralert07.wordpress.com/

Stay Safe this Christmas,
Former Victims of Beckstead

>From: "Doug Beckstead"
Subject: Santa
>Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:12:19 -0900
>Okay, here are pictures from this afternoon. I'm including three of them. (EOPC is showing the one photo mentioned LAST)
>One has Sparkles and I (she's the clown who owns the Party Palace Shop and offered me the job). One is of me with my beard done up. This year I just used white grease paint instead of the spray paint stuff I've used in the past. (really healthy for the babies & chidren to breath in) I think it worked better and it comes out easier in the shower with
>hot water and shampoo. No more double and triple washes. And finally is a"portrait" of Santa. Alyeska hired a professional photographer to come and shoot their pictures. He used my camera and got a couple of me alone. (proof of the narcissist within - and a lure to string along more targets)

>These really look nice! One of the best ones he got was of me holding a newborn baby. She had a little Santa suit on, complete with a matching hat and even had her toes painted red. (he's getting too excited about this) She started crying (because she could sense danger) at first so her aunt stuck a bottle in her mouth and that shut her up. She'd pull it out quickly and the photographer shot a shot. In one of them she looks like she's sleeping and I'm sort of looking at her. It is really precious. Unfortunately I won't be getting a copy of it. But I think I'm going to try and find out if I can get one. (Thankfully for this family the photographer turned him down)
>So, here's this year's photos. I don't think I'm going to take my camera with me to the store (he usually does but is relying on the photographer this year). It's just one more thing that I have to keep track of so I don't want to mess with it.(not when he has so many targets, chidren & their parents to mess with)

>Oh, one thing I did figure out though, I kept my Levi's on under the Santa suit. I'll be able to simply take off the suit, change my shirt (my t-shirt gets totally soaked with sweat because the suit is really hot) and run a comb through my hair. (Smelly) I'll put a ball cap on after that so it doesn't look like I'm totally sweated up. That way I can enjoy some of the
>party, at least at the end of it. (Can't miss a beat, not with so much prey to trawl for)
>Well, here they are!
>Quando omni flunkus moritati.
>(stolen by Beckstead from Canada's RED GREEN SHOW - never an original thought!)

ONE MORE WARNING: BECKSTEAD IS CURRENTLY TROLLING FACEBOOK. One of his enablers who is clueless as to Beckstead's true pathological nature is one of his 'Friends.' Basically a cover!



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Anonymous said...

Ya that's true we have to be very careful. These predators may be waiting for the victims in any social networking sites so we have to be aware of these things.

Archana Shekar
online safety advisor-www.8falcons.com

Anonymous said...

Very true, not only that, some of the victims who have children could also be targeted, those with teens that use these sites as well as their unsuspecting friends.

People need to be very careful about keeping their details private and only talking to those whom you know.

Remember 49 year old Lori Drew pretended to be a sixteen year old boy interested in young thirteen year old Megan Meier and we all know the hell Drew put the Meier family through. The cruel hoax that 49 year old Drew played on young Megan ended with Megan's death. Cretins like Beckstead and his enabler friend Nancy are just as capable of inflicting the same evil on those who are not aware.

Beckstead is well known for his cruel head games and thinks nothing of pretending to "play" at being other persona's online. He is very adapt, as are all predators at pretending to be someone they clearly are not in the real world.

In fact anyone of these predators listed on this blog are all capable of doing this to their victims.

Being aware of this type of abuse and sending the message out to people using these social networking sites is crucial.