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UPDATE 3/27/07
This isn't the first or last time EOPC has gotten or will get veiled threats of this nature via our comments. We see that Mr. Campbell is still visiting this site daily. This poster came in from a Netscape News Aggregator which EOPC belongs to and promises to "personally see to it" that EOPC is closed down.

What this poster did not bother to do was to see or read any of the many legal links or the agreement form which we make all our victims sign and return.

This poster also should send this same threat to many of the sites under "EXPOSE THEM" on the right, some of which also pick up stories from EOPC and other sites. This isn't the only place Mr. Campbell is listed and all these sites have a same, very high standard of report and liability.

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Their Comment:
Let me preface my contribution by saying that I personally know Mike Campbell. He has backed me several times at blues jams and he has been nothing but supportive and gentlemanly to me. He has never come on to me or acted in appropriately in any way. And before any of think there must be something wrong with me, I am a very attractive woman and I am happily unmarried. But let's not look for reasons why he didn't "violate" me, just know that he hasn't done it to ME.

Next, I happen to run a non-profit for domestic violence, abuse and stalking victims. So I am not in favor of ANYONE, friend or foe, victimizing anyone in any way. Am I saying he did it? No. I am also not discounting how these women feel or what happened in his other relationships. The truth is that I don't know, I wasn't there.

What I do see are lot of legal holes that can be punched into this. And the owner of this site had better start doing some reading up on the law when it comes to slander/libel.

The first thing that jumped out at me was, "Unless you have hard proof that this person was LYING, THE TRUTH is a 100% defense to slander or libel.". WRONG. He does not have to prove she is lying, she has to prove she is telling the truth as she is the one making the claim in a public forum - IF he does decide to take her to court. Based on what I have read, she has not kept any of the correspondence they exchanged. I see alot of "Anonymous" posters making claims that he has done the same thing - who the hell are they? Are they going to be prepared to testify in court? I see the fact that he plays in a blues band fueling a stereotype. Maybe he cheated on his wife - that would not be nice. Sociopaths may have their perversions, but not all cheaters are sociopaths. To say he has broken up marriages before is to give him absolute power over these relationships. Does he have some kind of goo-goo dust that he sprinkles over these women that renders them helpless or less responsible for their actions? Bottom line, if they were secure in their marriages, themselves or both, Mike would not have been able to get a foot in the door. Does that mean Mike is a sociopath for chasing married or other women? No, it really just makes him immoral, if it were true. Again, I'm not saying this particular women did not go through what she went through. I do not know. I wasn't there.

What I do know is you all had better have a solid case against him because you PUBLICLY named him. The repercussions reach far beyond this woman. The ONLY information you should make public is public information (arrests, legal documents, etc.) if they pertain to this matter.

Naming him, his band, and other recognizable information is asking for trouble - and I mean big trouble. You not only defamed him, you have put the members of his band at risk of losing income as well and people and their money are not happily parted. I personally would like to see how this all plays out. If he deserves to be punished, then so be it and I will be very disappointed. If this is just another bashing under the guise of benevolence, I will personally see to it this site is shut down.

In the last couple months since running Mike Campbell as our first Predator of 2007, EOPC has gotten letters of gratitude from other victims - for allowing the member to tell her story about this predator. Seems Mike gets around.

We have even heard from husbands and other women who know about this guy and are relieved the truth is out there. They stayed anonymous to us.

It appears that Campbell himself comes to EOPC, clicking in from news aggregators and so on. Campbell has been threatening those he thinks may have exposed him. Same stuff all the cyberpaths do... "lies, slander, never happened, she's nuts, she's delusional"...


Friday, March 23, 2007

New Jersey considers banning sex offenders from Internet use; Constitutional issues raised

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Released sex offenders would be barred from using the Internet and online dating sites would face new security rules under bills to be considered today by the Senate amid worries about child safety on the computer.

"We're living in some very scary times," said Senate President Richard J. Codey, who is sponsoring the legislative package that has raised constitutional questions and opposition from Internet companies.

Under the plan, released sex offenders caught using the Internet would face up to 18 months in jail and fines of up to $10,000.

Sex offenders caught using the Internet to solicit a child would face a mandatory five years in jail, rather than the three years they face under current law.

A bill also would require online dating sites to notify New Jersey residents whether they do background checks, a proposal opposed by Internet companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, eHarmony and Match.com.

"Criminal background checks provide users of online dating with a false sense of security," said Bill Ashworth, director of state government affairs at Yahoo!

No federal law imposes Internet restrictions on convicted sex offenders, but Florida and Nevada have enacted such measures.

A U.S. Department of Justice survey of youths ages 10 to 17 found that about one in five received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet.

Such findings have prompted new laws in some states.

Colorado banned anyone from using a computer to talk to an unrelated child under age 15 without parental permission if the person is at least four years older than the child. Kansas and Oklahoma made electronic solicitation of a child a crime.

Under the New Jersey proposal, which has not yet been considered by the Assembly, convicted sex offenders would have to submit to periodic, unannounced examinations of their computer equipment, install equipment on their computer so its use could be monitored and inform law enforcement if they have access to a computer.

The state public defender's office has said it will look into the constitutional ramifications and expressed concern that barring juvenile sex offenders from the Internet would deny them educational opportunities.


Monday, March 12, 2007




The same rules of gentlemanly conduct that apply in life, apply on the Net. Woman want to be treated well. Respect her and you'll be a winner. Offend her, and you're out of the game.

Although there are some women who are looking for a casual one-net stand, most women want a Cyber-Seduction to grow out of a friendship. If you can create a comfortable & safe place, chances are she'll want to play more. Even the most sensuous encounters are still all about creating relationships. They may not be permanent, they may not have the deepest emotional intimacy, but the guidelines for good relating apply to Cyber- Love as well.

Different rules apply for each stage of seduction . Recognize what stage of the seduction you're in:
First Stage: Making Contact.
Second Stage: Flirting and Courtship.
Third Stage: Cyber-Seduction.

Success comes to the man who recognizes what stage he is in.

The first stage is making contact and determining if the woman is interested in your attention. At this initial stage most woman are still in the no thank you mode. This is not the best time to start sending her direct, sexual private messages, because she is still in the no stage. Establish a friendly connection first. Make sure she really wants to play before you escalate the game.

Assuming you have determined that she is responding to you, the next step is establishing a connection that is personal to the two of you. The art of the first stage is knowing how to make it personal without making it too personal. It requires sensitivity to know where her boundaries are at each stage.

The best flirtation is like a good game of tennis. Both players return volleys. If she is not responding at your pace, SLOW DOWN. There is no point in trying to `ace' her at this stage in the game. Be interested in her, who she is, not what she is! Ask questions, but don't make her feel like she's the subject of a `60 Minutes' interview. Never ask questions about her body parts, or her dimensions unless she's willing to volunteer that level of information. Ask open-ended questions like how do you feel about....? what do you like best about...? -- rather than closed questions like Do you like Classical music? Those kind of questions tend to lead to yes or no answers, perhaps bringing the conversation to a halt. Keep the game going. Always respond to her, never let a comment or question go by unanswered. If you don't have an answer, speak up (softly). Don't just be silent. Remember, she can't read your mind. It's easier to keep the connection going than it is to re-start it.

Be honest! If you don't look like Mel Gibson, why say you do? You might as well take the risk to find out if she is interested in who you really are. She will be very angry at you if she finds out later you have mislead her ABOUT ANYTHING.

Be truthful about your intentions with her at this stage. If you are not looking for a romance, don't pretend to be. If you have other important relationships on the net or in life, TELL HER NOW IN CLEAR TERMS before the situation escalates, otherwise there are bound to be hurt feelings. Ask her the same questions about her love life and intentions. Reveal something about yourself FIRST. THEN ask her to do the same.

In the second stage, Be first to tell her how you feel. In the long run she'll respect and trust you more for being open and honest.

As you move through the levels of the second stage , if possible, let her take the lead toward becoming more intimate. If she initiates deeper levels, you will know that this is what she truly desires, and it will allow her to feel more in control of the situation. If she feels in charge she's less likely to become afraid of more intensity.

If she is shy, you can still help her feel in control by inviting her rather than taking her down the path of Cyber-Seduction. Ask her: Tell me about what you're wearing? This is better than asking her, What are you wearing? (if you haven't reached this level of intimacy yet.)

If you've gotten to the cyber-seduction stage three, you may be speaking very directly about sex and sensuality. Remember, all of the above rules still apply, and a few more come into play. First, her sense of choice may be different from yours. You may want her to paint pictures for you. You may ask her to describe what she looks like, what she's wearing and other visual descriptions. This may do nothing for her. She may want to hear words that turn her on. Or she may want to feel through descriptions of sensations. She may initially prefer one modality, and then another as things heat up. Get to know yourself and your lady and you'll be able to play her like a fine violin.

Here's an example of how the different senses can be used. One simple act (escalating the action at a dinner table), can be handled in a multitude of ways:

Visual Sensation: ....I push away the dinner plates and lift you onto the table. I can see from the look in your eyes that you are mine. Your red lips part with longing...

Sound Sensation: ....I can almost hear you purr --- I know I can't wait any longer, "You are mine' I whisper. Shoving away the dinner plates, I don't care who hears us now, "You are my most sinful dessert' I sigh....

Touch Sensation: ...I reach under the white linen tablecloth, my hand slides teasingly slowly up your trembling thigh. You let me gently part your legs as your moist heat attracts my fingers like a thousand invisible magnets...

....May not smell as sweet. What kind of words does she use to describe body parts or acts of love? Does she like poetic & colorful innuendo, or graphic dirty words and explicit descriptions? One false step in this department can cause weeks of delicate feelings to unravel in a moment. Find out what she likes before you find yourself typing away like a wild man in the heat of action.

Erotic and (porno) graphic are very opposing styles. The different impact of these two approaches is considerable. She may not respond to one, whereas she may be delighted by the other.

Here is an example of an erotic approach:

...my hands find their way to the source of your desire, awakening an almost forgotten longing....

Graphic approach: (....maybe I'll just let you imagine this one....!)

Don't assume you know her tastes -- ask her. It may sound a little clinical, but that's where the great lovers are separated from the crowd. Get good at eliciting her love-strategy in a way that is fun, provocative and passionate.

If you've been having a Cyber Love affair, you may be wondering about taking it to the next level of reality. Assuming that you are both single and available, you may be curious to speak on the phone or even meet in person. WARNING: Are you willing to let go of a fantasy in order to have a real life experience? If the answer is yes, and you are willing to accept any possible outcome, then you know what you need to do next. Call her! If it goes well, get on an airplane!!!

But be honest with yourself.
Are you ready to have your life (which you have some control over as long as you are at the keyboard) disrupted?
Are you ready, willing and able to face the fact that the goddess you have been imagining and sweet chatting is different from a living, breathing, real woman?
Real women have real needs, hopes and dreams. But if you're ready for reality...

Many men have a version of the ideal woman they could take home to mom -- and another fantasy woman they'd like to take home to bed. Which role do you want to play? Get clear about this because each game has a different set of rules. Ironically, the game plan for success in one area can be a disaster in the other. To make matters more complicated, men want you to play one role perfectly at night (in private) and another (publicly) by the light of day. (If you think this is confusing to us, you can imagine how they feel.)

Lovers may come and go, but friends last forever. Even if you are just looking for a little romantic or passionate fun and games, you will probably feel better about your Cyber-Lover if it grows out of a friendship. Remember, even face-less, anonymous cyber-love has emotional consequences. Feelings can be hurt. Make sure you are playing with a gentle-man who has a basic respect for your feelings, your boundaries, and your privacy.

Allow this process to happen gradually. Even if you know where you want to go -- go slow! If you rush through the courtship stages, not only do you cheat yourself of this most delicious part of the dance, but it may be very difficult to re-create the sense of romance once you have gone too far. It is better to go slow then to get in too deep, too fast. Going all the way on your first or second date may cause your cyber-affair to crash and burn.

No matter what they may say to the contrary, most men like to be in control. They say they like women to be sexually aggressive -- but not too aggressive. They say they want you to initiate -- but then they want to feel in charge. Go figure! Every man is unique in his control ratio. So here's the deal; you are going to have to learn and experiment to find out how much and how often your cyber-man wants you to initiate, lead or escalate the stages of cyber-seduction. Some men like to be in total control, some men like you to be in total control (that way they don't have to feel guilty or responsible for their actions). Some men like to be in control some of the time, and it varies with their mood and the stage of the seduction you are in. For example, they may want to lead in the flirting, and have you take over when it gets hot and heavy, or vice versa. Experiment; try both roles and see which one he responds to the most.

Ask for what you want romantically and sexually. If you don't ask, you may not get it. If you do ask, you might get it. Those are good enough odds in my book. Here is your chance to not be shy! Even if you can't do this in real life, use this as an opportunity to stretch your comfort zones and loosen your inhibitions. Let yourself go! But don't do anything you don't want to do! You have to be able to respect yourself in the morning.

Eroticism and Pornography are as different as night and day. The goal of pornography is a release of sexual energy or climax. Eroticism is all about the enlivening or awakening of the senses. It's goal is stimulation or arousal of the energy. Eroticism and pornography each have their own language, style and mood. Remembering how different they are, decide which mode you want to be in at any given moment. Consider the significance of these two approaches:

Eroticism: I am imagining how it feels to have you peel away my dress, leaving me naked and trembling before you -- aching for your touch.

Graphic: Tear off my dress! Now! I am wet with longing for your tongue.

Your choice of words sets the tone and the mood. The choice is yours. This is just one of the ways that you can remain in control of the experience.

Most men want you to paint pictures, to show them what is going on. They need to have a visual fix, which is why they often ask what are you wearing. Many women , on the other hand, want to be seduced with words and descriptions of sensations. Tell a woman I'm sending you roses, and she'll probably feel all tingly inside. To get a similar rise from a man you'd have to describe something you are doing, something he can see, I am running my hand down your hard chest. Some men like all three senses (sight, sound, touch) to be involved, and in a particular order. First they may want you to tantalize their eyes, then please their ears, then delight their sense of touch. Here's an example of one simple action (opening a robe), enticing each of these senses:

Visual Sensation: ....I open my red-lace robe, exposing one tight hard nipple -- for just a moment... then I take your hand showing you the way....

Sound Sensation: ...Slowly I let my satin robe slip to the floor, `-- I am yours', I whisper....

Touch Sensation: ...Your hands pull at the sash -- my robe slips away, and with it my inhibitions. Your touch -- my bare flesh -- a fire is igniting inside me....

...may not smell as sweet. What kind of words does your cyber-lover like to describe body parts or acts of love? Does he like poetic, illusive innuendoes? Or does he prefer graphic dirty words and explicit descriptions. Find out this information before you get into the heat of the action. And let him know how you feel. One false step in this department can leave a man hanging.

If you've been having a cyber-love affair, you may be wondering about taking it to the next level of reality. Assuming that you are both single and available, you may be curious to speak on the phone or even meet in person. WARNING: Are you willing to let go of a fantasy in order to have a real life experience? If the answer is yes, and you are willing to accept any possible outcome, then you know what you need to do next. Call him! If it goes well, get on an airplane!!!

But be honest with yourself. Are you ready to have your life (which you have some control over as long as you are at the keyboard) disrupted? Are you ready willing and able to face the fact that the person you have been imagining and sweet chatting is different from the living, breathing, real man? The man you have (created) in your mind may not be anything like the real thing. And he may have built up an idealized image of you. But if you are ready to surrender the dream....if you're ready for reality....Go for it!

If your man wants to think he's in control of the seduction, who are we to tell him otherwise? But... (can we talk girlfriends?...) we all know who's in control of the seduction. You are!! If you hadn't given him the green light in the first place, he wouldn't have continued to give you his attention. You have to let him know that you are interested! Most men don't put themselves in situations where they are going to be rejected for very long. It is the woman who gives the man the signals that allows him to go forward -- to seduce you. So feel free, let him know what you want. After all, we can stop at any time, right? (Right!)


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A Love Triangle by E-Mail

It was Henry L. Stimson, serving as Herbert Hoover's Secretary of State, who famously said, "Gentlemen don't read each other's mail."

That was 1929. Things have changed.

The State Attorney's office in the Lisa Nowak case has released 250 pages of documents, and they make for steamy reading. We've posted some text HERE. Most of what you'll find are emails between Bill Oefelein, the fellow astronaut Nowak allegedly pined for, and Colleen Shipman, the Air Force captain he was seeing even before he broke up with Nowak.

You read right. Oefelein tells investigators that he did indeed have an affair with Nowak, starting in 2004. That apparently contradics her version, back in February, that their relationship, while "more than professional," was less than romantic.
"Bill is absolutely the best person I've ever known and I love him more than I knew possible," Nowak wrote in a letter to Oefelein's mother.
Take a look, as well, at Gina Sunseri's REPORT on the case. She says there's no suggestion of past psychiatric treatments, drug use, previous arrests--just dysfunctional relatonships, marriages in tatters, and badly-hurt feelings. (Some of you had wondered before.)

As with so many tawdry cases, you almost can't help watching. Thoughts, as always, are welcome.

(can you say Nowak is possibly a victim of a flaming narcissist/cyberpath? We are not excusing her behavior - but nothing happens in a vacuum)


What would cause a highly educated, seemingly successful person to snap?

Some are asking that question in the case of an astronaut accused of trying to kill another woman in a purported love triangle.

Wednesday on TODAY, psychiatrist and television personality Dr. Keith Ablow offered his perspective, saying astronaut Lisa Nowak may have underlying "unresolved issues" and as a result "lost perspective."

"It is very hard for people to understand," said Ablow, "but these are feelings that cut across all social barriers. They cut across how accomplished you are at work. When affairs of the heart are involved, people sometimes tap very primitive and primal unresolved issues in their psyches and those come to the fore."

Nowak, 43, an astronaut who flew aboard the space shuttle Discovery last year, returned home to Houston on Wednesday after posting $25,500 bail. She was charged a day earlier in Florida with attempted murder of the woman she believed was her romantic rival for a space shuttle pilot's affections. Nowak is also charged with attempted kidnapping and three other crimes.

According to police, Nowak, wearing diapers, drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando to confront Colleen Shipman, who arrived in Orlando aboard a plane Monday. Nowak disguised herself in a wig and trenchcoat, approached Shipman's car and sprayed her with pepper spray, authorities said. Nowak had all the tools necessary — tape, a knife, a BB-gun, a steel mallet, garbage bags and other items — to kill the woman, police said.

Whether Nowak and Shipman really were competing for the affections of astronaut William Oefelein is irrelevant to the question of why Nowak did what she is accused of doing, Ablow said on TODAY. People who become lovesick are capable of doing extraordinarily reckless things that are out of character and have lingering consequences, he explained.

"I've testified in cases in which people become completely irrational about jealousies," Ablow said. "I had a man who was a Harvard dermatologist say, 'I think I killed my wife' — and, as strange as it sounds, to always have her love. He had kids and did it in front of them."

'A desperate woman'
Nowak, who recently separated from her husband of 19 years, has three children — a teenage son and twin 5-year-old girls.

"This is a question of degree and perspective," Ablow said. "And she's lost perspective here."

Nowak's younger sister Andrea Rose told PEOPLE magazine that Nowak also never quite recovered from losing three former classmates in the 2003 Columbia shuttle explosion. "We knew Lisa was under a lot of stress," said Rose, 41, a lawyer. "But there's no way of knowing how a particular person will react to stress. We love Lisa and we're worried about her well-being."

Nowak's attorney, Donald Lykkebak, urged the public and the media to keep the incident in perspective. Nobody was hurt seriously, and the charges, particularly the attempted murder count, are merely unproved allegations, said Lykkebak.

"What she did was spray her with pepper spray, no more," Lykkebak said. "What we have here is a desperate woman who wants to have a conversation with another woman.”

Retired astronaut, Jerry Linenger, told the Associated Press that NASA should review its psychological screening process. With the space agency talking about a 2½-year trip to Mars, it would be dangerous for someone to “snap like this” during the mission, he said.

“An astronaut is probably the most studied human being by the time you go through your testing, your training,” Linenger said. “I think there’s still a lot of unknowns out there.”


(anyone who wants to know why people like Nowak snapped? On the right margin, down about 3/4 of the way, is a list of predators we have exposed. PLEASE read some of their stories.

While we do NOT condone what Nowak did, we understand the factors that caused her to do it.)