Wednesday, March 28, 2007


UPDATE 3/27/07
This isn't the first or last time EOPC has gotten or will get veiled threats of this nature via our comments. We see that Mr. Campbell is still visiting this site daily. This poster came in from a Netscape News Aggregator which EOPC belongs to and promises to "personally see to it" that EOPC is closed down.

What this poster did not bother to do was to see or read any of the many legal links or the agreement form which we make all our victims sign and return.

This poster also should send this same threat to many of the sites under "EXPOSE THEM" on the right, some of which also pick up stories from EOPC and other sites. This isn't the only place Mr. Campbell is listed and all these sites have a same, very high standard of report and liability.

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Their Comment:
Let me preface my contribution by saying that I personally know Mike Campbell. He has backed me several times at blues jams and he has been nothing but supportive and gentlemanly to me. He has never come on to me or acted in appropriately in any way. And before any of think there must be something wrong with me, I am a very attractive woman and I am happily unmarried. But let's not look for reasons why he didn't "violate" me, just know that he hasn't done it to ME.

Next, I happen to run a non-profit for domestic violence, abuse and stalking victims. So I am not in favor of ANYONE, friend or foe, victimizing anyone in any way. Am I saying he did it? No. I am also not discounting how these women feel or what happened in his other relationships. The truth is that I don't know, I wasn't there.

What I do see are lot of legal holes that can be punched into this. And the owner of this site had better start doing some reading up on the law when it comes to slander/libel.

The first thing that jumped out at me was, "Unless you have hard proof that this person was LYING, THE TRUTH is a 100% defense to slander or libel.". WRONG. He does not have to prove she is lying, she has to prove she is telling the truth as she is the one making the claim in a public forum - IF he does decide to take her to court. Based on what I have read, she has not kept any of the correspondence they exchanged. I see alot of "Anonymous" posters making claims that he has done the same thing - who the hell are they? Are they going to be prepared to testify in court? I see the fact that he plays in a blues band fueling a stereotype. Maybe he cheated on his wife - that would not be nice. Sociopaths may have their perversions, but not all cheaters are sociopaths. To say he has broken up marriages before is to give him absolute power over these relationships. Does he have some kind of goo-goo dust that he sprinkles over these women that renders them helpless or less responsible for their actions? Bottom line, if they were secure in their marriages, themselves or both, Mike would not have been able to get a foot in the door. Does that mean Mike is a sociopath for chasing married or other women? No, it really just makes him immoral, if it were true. Again, I'm not saying this particular women did not go through what she went through. I do not know. I wasn't there.

What I do know is you all had better have a solid case against him because you PUBLICLY named him. The repercussions reach far beyond this woman. The ONLY information you should make public is public information (arrests, legal documents, etc.) if they pertain to this matter.

Naming him, his band, and other recognizable information is asking for trouble - and I mean big trouble. You not only defamed him, you have put the members of his band at risk of losing income as well and people and their money are not happily parted. I personally would like to see how this all plays out. If he deserves to be punished, then so be it and I will be very disappointed. If this is just another bashing under the guise of benevolence, I will personally see to it this site is shut down.

In the last couple months since running Mike Campbell as our first Predator of 2007, EOPC has gotten letters of gratitude from other victims - for allowing the member to tell her story about this predator. Seems Mike gets around.

We have even heard from husbands and other women who know about this guy and are relieved the truth is out there. They stayed anonymous to us.

It appears that Campbell himself comes to EOPC, clicking in from news aggregators and so on. Campbell has been threatening those he thinks may have exposed him. Same stuff all the cyberpaths do... "lies, slander, never happened, she's nuts, she's delusional"...



Anonymous said...

Hang tough Fighter. Don't let this bully and his bully minions get away with anything. Good for you for posting this and bumping up this PREDATOR. YOU RULE :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this "friend" who supposedly does domestic violence work tells women THEY are responsible for being abused?

She obviously hasn't read your whole site Fighter(s). She hasn't read the PREDATORS HUNT THE WOUNDED post or the posts on seduction science (Campbell's goo-goo dust).

The other poster was right. This is nothing but scare tactics and bullying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this person that is so interested in protecting Mike overlooking the obvious?
Either she has been manipulated by him or she isn't seeing the truth.

Anyone who has been involved with Mike sees the truth in this story.