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Youre busted already Pictures, Images and Photos


It appears that James Brian Ellington was arrested in June 2011 for

Intent to Sell Drugs and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

According to the website below his next court appearance is July 27, 2011


It is the Third Tab Down: WEBCRIMS (Public User)

in the Right Margin

Contact the Assistant District Attorney in this case

if you have information regarding Ellington.


He's out and Back in NYC posing as a 'golf pro.'
Please read the comments section on this post!

Ellington, listed as one of our cyberpath/ predators was arrested in New York City in May 2009.

Let's hope someone throws away the key on him. He was probably trying to con more money, sex and a free place to stay out of her.

A man was arrested for assaulting his female friend when she demanded he leave her Upper East Side apartment, police sources said yesterday.

James Ellington, 34, threw the 34-year-old woman to the floor of her apartment on East 91st Street near First Avenue at 12:30 a.m. Friday, cops said. He then allegedly grabbed her by the throat.

Police were called and arrested Ellington on assault charges.



He's using a Legal Aid Attorney - let's just hope the courts read the internet postings about him and sentence him accordingly.

What goes around, Mr. Ellington...



Anonymous said...

The woman who he assaulted, Barb, is rumored to be pregant with Ellington's child. Someone bailed Ellington out of jail on June 26, 2009 against the wishes of many victims. Someone is now paying for Ellington to have a private attorney. It has been confirmed that Barb has taken Ellington back into her life in some capacity despite previously claiming he stole money from her, previously claiming he assaulted her, etc.

Unknown said...

Anyone know his exact location? He owes me 20K and I will be damned if he is going to get away with it. Please contact me at zimmermanb@yahoo.com.

EOPC TEAM said...

Contact the NYPD
or Lovefraud.com

they may know where he is (hopefully in jail)

Unknown said...

Ellington is a coward. He attacked me a few years ago after I told his then girlfriend that he shouldn't be trusted and when he realized that his little man wrestling skills didn't work on me, he caught me off guard by biting my lip off... Didn't see that one coming. Barb, run for the tall grasses.

Anonymous said...

He is back in the NYC area posing as a golf pro. If anyone gets an address please post it.

Anonymous said...

Ellington is evil!!!!

I met him back in 2002 and I can't believe he is still running his same routines as he did back then. Golf pro, atlanta olympic athelete, ufc fighter, wrestler, etc.

The enabler really is his bitch of a mom. She blindly thinks he is an angel and constantly bails him out. She is as socialpathic as he is (apple doesn't fall too far from tree) threatening and lying to get him out of trouble. Hence him being shipped out of NC to NYC.

Lucky for this douche, he comes from a rich family as both his parents own building construction companies and constantly flips the bill to get him out of serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

He is back. He is going around as James Ciarlo owner of Sortprice.com. He said he is getting bought out of company so he can pursue his golf career.

Anonymous said...

He is meeting girls on internet dating sights. He is still using his same lines that he missed placed his wallet and he lost his credit cards. He is saying he is living on the Upper East Side at 91st and First. He is also saying that he is traveling for golf and trying to get sponsored!!!

john said...

Anyone know the name of Ellington's parents' construction company? Is it in the Raleigh/Durham area?

Anonymous said...

James Ciarlo as he calls himself also has been spotted in New Jersey. He continues to say that he has a hectic traveling schedule which brings him to Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, and most recently he said he is traveling to Arizona.

KAY77 said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a current victim of James Ciarlo AKA James Brian Ellington. He claimed to be a Mensa Member, Yale Graduate, and owner of Sortprice.com. I found it weird I could never find anything online about him although I met his friend and thought he was legit.

James Ciarlo has 44 pages of arrest records in the State of North Carolina and is obviously a threat to society.

I have contacted the Lovefraud.com website where his past story is listed and the owner of the site has received current complaints from other women as well since this site has been posted. After seeing this site I contacted his friend who also had no idea that "James" wasn't really who he claimed to be.

I told the owner of Lovefraud.com that I had contacted numerous news reporting sites of this issue in hopes of getting the word out there before he strikes another victim. She offered to help in anyway and also said that she believes that she's been contacted about James more than any other person listed on Lovefraud.com

Anonymous said...

His mother and stepfather are robert and gina lee, the company they owned was something like RW Lee Homes in Fuquay Varina NC.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The following are Ellington's methods of stealing/scamming employers, friends, tourists, family and lovers.

How To Con Friends, Family, and Romance Scam Lovers
Warning signs - Red Flag #1 Fabricated credentials -
He has claimed to be a big executive, business owner/partner, pro athlete (usually UFC, Wrestling or Golf), accomplished actor, and wealthy - ALL LIES.
He is usually unemployed. has difficulty keeping a job, and is totally broke.
*Except when he scores money from a victim, he typically goes on a huge spending blitz*
He makes a point to brag,- fake celebrity friendships, fake achievements. He'll flash expensive things, stating their cost and designer label.
He will claim to own or co-own property when Brian doesn't own and has never owned any property.
He will claim to have a business, investments, $$, and antique furniture - when he doesn't. None. Zero.
He will research his lies and throw in an ounce of truth to try and be convincing,
and will spend months or even years setting up a mark for victimization.
Red Flag #2 Moving The Relationship Quickly - He has known you briefly and you're hearing, "I love you", marriage talk, commitment,
children, co-habitation, you're his girl - or his man, (he allegedly dates both) - wanting to move you to be with him, he's calling
incessantly, having you talk to his mom. Question this. Love takes time. These words really mean:
"I want your money, sex, and a free place to live" He'll be asking to get into your home & for sex almost immediately.
Watch out. Brian allegedly said that he slips drugs into the victim's food/drink to induce drowsiness so he has more time to search their belongings.
He frequently steals cash etc from his victims wallets/homes. Also, assume you are not the only romance he is currently scamming.
Red Flag #3 Meeting in public places - Where did you meet him? Was it in public - tourist area, restaurant, the street, on the train? On the Internet?
He uses legitimate people and businesses to make himself *appear* trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag #6 Criminal Record – He's got a criminal record and many arrests but shrugs it off, blames someone else, lies about details, etc.
That is a person who has NO GUILT, NO REMORSE, NO CONSCIENCE - that is what a sociopath is.
Red Flag #7 - WATCH OUT FOR THIS !!!!! Lost Wallet/Lost ATM Card – If he says he lost his ATM card, this means
he has no money at all and wants your money.
That is called a scam or a con. Do not feel sorry for him. Direct him to the bank, the police, or the restaurant manager for help.
DON'T PAY. If it’s a restaurant tab, only pay for yourself. Don’t Be The Bank or he'll come back regularly to make withdrawals.
Red Flag #8 The Pity Play – He claims SOMEONE has wronged him (usually his last victim) or has an emergency and only YOU can help.
You’re his last hope...He may blame his job loss on the company being bankrupt, requiring his relocation. He'll say his boss or other victim is on mental bi-polar medication,
or under FBI investigation, that the person stole his atm card\owes him money\refuses to pay him & that he's suing.
THOSE ARE ALL LIES. He probably got fired or kicked out. The Pity Play is a setup to con you out of your money.
Refer him to the bank, the police, or to welfare. DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY.
His relationships ended due to his own theft, lying, & cheating. Period. He doesn't take responsibility for his bad behavior.
The sob stories are all tactics to set you up , to get access to your cash, get into your home, into in your bed.
Red Flag #9. Missing Cash - You know you had that cash. NO, YOU DID NOT LOSE IT.
He was with you and now your $$money$$ has vanished. Yes, He has stolen cash from a number of victims.
He will stone-faced lie, insist you are crazy. You are not crazy and you did not lose it.
And he does not care what hardship his theft causes you - in fact, he shows indications of smugly enjoying the victim's suffering.
Red Flag #10 - Isolation, verbal abuse, harassment of the victim Let's say you're dating him. He's soon extremely controlling and jealous.
He searches your phone, calls incessantly, starts fights with\ hates all your male friends, accuses YOU of cheating.
At the same time, he belittles and degrades you, playing on any insecurity he finds. Soon, it's just you and him trying
to control your life. When dumped, he alternates between sticky sweet and abusive,
relentlessly trying to keep you as his parasite's host.
Red Flag #11 - Forstalling Action By The Law - He will pop in with lies or excuses as to why he can't pay you yet.
He will pretend to be in different state or even another country to make you think it'll be hard to find him.
He'll beg, whine, plead, threaten, harass, intimidate - whatever it takes to keep you confused and keep you from prosecuting him.

EOPC TEAM said...

We had to delete Ciarlo/Ellington's personal email & phone number as it is a legal violation do to so.

Please considering posting him on one of the many exposure sites listed in our far right column and/or making your own website or blog about him.

EOPC TEAM said...

Anonymous - these tactics have been posted on this site MANY times with all our exposed predators... if you had bothered to read them.

Anonymous said...

He moved and is living in Arizona. Has taken legal action against the following individuals:

Eve Hawkins
Meredith Matt

You can find the legal post below

Anonymous said...

I would love to see what legal action he thinks he can justify with the amount of arrests he has. I hope the girls sue the pants off this guy since he owes me money and ripped off my family. This guy hasn't got a legal leg to stand on. Good luck finding a single person to represent him. No one is going to do probono work for a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Where is the legal post below??

I guess James thinks taking legal action is calling someones place of employment, asking for their boss (who knows the whole story of his scams), and pretending to be a lawyer who's filing an injunction.

Also, who's money is he going to steal to even pay a lawyer for legal action? Is he going to go by James Ciarlo or James Brian Ellington in the lawsuit?

Scam after Scam, Lie after Lie. Karma is a bitch and he'll get what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

The update on this website just made my day. I'm writing a letter to the Assistant District Attorney detailing all of my encounters, what websites have been posted, and contacted the woman at Lovefraud.com to reach out to the women that contacted her to do the same. If everyone sends a letter stating their encounters, I believe justice, and karma will be served!!

Anonymous said...

If you call the DA's office in Brooklyn and give them case #2011KN046596...you will find out that the person who was arrested that day was NOT the James Ellington you keep referring to. The person who was arrested that day was a BLACK MAN who's date of birth is 1/12/1974! NOT the James Ellington you keep writing negative information about. Thought you might want to know the information you have is not correct. Might want to get your facts straight before you write things that are not true! Get a life....

john said...

Dear Anonymous... May you and the other Brian Ellington become great friends. Just keep in mind that if he notices that you've realized how shady he is, he will bite off your lip.

Anonymous said...

Dear "John"...you had your lip bit off? What's it like walking around with no lip? That must be quite odd when you talk to people. Need to get your facts straight before you go on talking about someone who wasn't even arrested. The guy arrested was a BLACK MAN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The James Ellington you talk about who just got arrested was a BLACK MAN. I called myself to verify. You have the wrong information. Contact the DA's office yourself and find out. Please check your information before you post things that are not true.

Anonymous said...

Kid is a strait con man and cokehead. He has aids and will try and prick u with his blood or have sex with u on purpose without a condom to infect you. Be very careful

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - Are you serious with the AIDs accusation? This makes me extremely extremely worried!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how you believe what other people say on here as the gospel truth! You are a complete and total idiot! You can say anything in the world about someone on this site and you will believe it..LOL. "He has aids and will try and prick u with his blood or have sex with u on purpose without a condom to infect you."...I mean seriously!!! WHAT A JOKE THAT IS..LOL.

EOPC TEAM said...

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