Thursday, July 17, 2008

BRIAN ELLINGTON - Con Man, Sexual Predator, Possible Cyberpath

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We took these excerpts from our friends at LoveFraud who have a wonderful 4 page write up on this person. We urge you to read & heed it - CLICK HERE

Pictures of Mr. Ellington are available there as well.


This person is real. This happened to me from September 2005 until October 2006. I was barely able to drag myself away from him. It is my opinion that he will not stop his lying and conning/fraud behaviors unless the authorities physically stop him. Despite repeated complaints to the police and 200 very detailed and organized pages of statement/saved evidence, identifying information, etc., etc.—I handed everything to them on a silver platter—the New York City Police refuse to take any action whatsoever to stop this career liar.

(We have heard this REPEATEDLY at EOPC. That police and law enforcement refuse to do anything about the threats, the information regarding fraud, soliciting prostitutes, scamming, etc that victims find online. Some victims have had to go to Congresspeople, Senators and Provincal Officials to get ANY action from the police at all.

By the way - this is the second time we have heard about NYPD giving 'relationship advice' rather than DOING anything)

I am an adult and I accept my own mistakes in allowing a bad person to be in my life and I accept my losses. I accept that the money is gone forever. I will deal with the consequences like the responsible adult that I am. What really bothers and haunts me is that he is out there and he will NOT stop. I think he will never stop, and the authorities are just flat out choosing to ignore it.

It is my opinion that this man targets women. Brian Ellington has no recent (as in the last two years) stable employment history and no recent rental history that I could find. These facts, combined with unemployment and no money, require a new relationship with a female who will pay or allow him to stay for free. A smart person looking to get away with these behaviors can easily find that when you combine sex with fraud and stealing, the police don't care.

The New York Police have every opportunity to stop him. They could conduct a simple undercover operation if they do not feel they have enough evidence—I am convinced he will repeat the illegal fraudulent behavior—and they could very easily take him off the street.

But the New York Police Department refuses to act.

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I did a background check on him using www.intelius.com. This revealed 75—yes, 75—pages of arrest records for multiple counts of public urination, marijuana possession and selling in college, drunk driving, driving with license revoked, credit card theft, credit card fraud and multiple counts of larceny.

That check didn't yet include his most recent conviction—I found that later on the North Carolina Department of Corrections website. He was convicted of charging to someone else's credit card and ordered to pay approximately $9,500 in fines and restitution.

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I had attached an IP address tracking software to my MySpace page, which told me the location and address of anyone who clicked on my page. Most of my hits were always from him. I was getting hits on my page from Ridgefield, California and nothing from North Carolina , so I thought something was fishy. I'm pretty sure he was in California.

After a few days, I was getting Internet hits on my web page from Las Vegas . I believe it was Brian; he said he was going there. I did not shut down my web page because I wanted to have a way to tell where he was. Then a week later, he started writing nasty e-mails to my MySpace account. They came from a Kinko's in Tennessee , and it looked like he went back to Kinko's three times over the course of the day.

(Wonder why he was online so much? Looking for other targets probably and checking up on this one!)


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