Monday, July 14, 2008

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Feel free to share these articles with your friends & family as well as law enforcement if you are reporting similar crimes!

Boyfriend's campaign of hatred - 07/01/08

WHEN Elvis Kovacic discovered his girlfriend was still friends with a former boyfriend he had never met, the 30-year-old accountant set out to destroy the man's reputation in an anonymous hate campaign of phone threats, pamphlet letterbox drops and emails.

Former Morris undersheriff pleads guilty to internet harassment - 06/30/08
A former Morris County undersheriff admitted this morning he posted sexually explicit photographs of a woman on the internet without her consent.

MySpace Users Struggle to Overcome Cybervandalism - 06/30/08
One of the first social networking upstarts, MySpace, is facing continuing security problems that threaten to spoil many of the innovative features that make the site useful.
Spyware Simulator

300 Internet death threats since Tokyo killing spree - 06/28/08
As many as 300 Internet warnings of mass murder and other death threats have been posted online in Japan after a knifing rampage in Tokyo left seven people dead, media said Saturday.

Man used GPS device to stalk victim, court told - 06/28/08
A GOLD Coast businessman who allegedly attached a high-tech tracking device to a female acquaintance's car has appeared in Southport Magistrate's Court charged with stalking.

Hackers Hijack, Redirect IANA and ICANN Web Sites - 06/27/08
Hackers calling themselves NetDevilz temporarily hijacked the sites of key organizations that control routing of Internet traffic and redirected them to a taunting page.

Philadelphia Man Arrested For YouTube Cop Threat - 06/27/08
Video Shows Security Guard Praising Murder Of Police 'Because I Hate Them'

The password, please: Keep your sanity and your security - 06/27/08
Your head is aching and your eyes are blurry as you stare at the monitor. But, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to remember if you created your password with your dog’s name or, wait, maybe it was your husband’s ...

He said, she said: Which is it? Facebook asks - 06/27/08
Social network site Facebook will press members to declare whether they are male or female, seeking to end the grammatical device that leads the site to refer to individual users as "they" or "themself."

Detectives: Beware of threatening email 'scam' - 06/27/08
Detective on the Treasure Coast say a threatening "scam" email is turning up in in-boxes throughout the region.

Rumana Says MySpace Stabbing Shows Need for Stricter Internet Controls - 06/26/08
Assemblyman Scott Rumana today said a MySpace fight between two girls that resulted in the stabbing of a 12-year-old is a prime example of why legislation he sponsored that protects personal information of children from being posted on the Internet and prohibits users from assuming false identities is necessary.

Patten to Simmonds: "You are a coward;" Patten to Boone: "Blow me!" - 06/26/08
On the witness stand in the case of Lorenzo v. City of Venice et. al. last Wednesday, Councilman John Simmonds admitted that he had deleted most of his emails. With emails like the ones reproduced below, given the option of deleting them or releasing them -- yeah, deleting them probably seemed like the best option at the time, I'm sure. That's a big ooooooops.

Bismarck nursing student pleads not guilty to threats... - 06/25/08
A student at a Bismarck nursing school accused of making threats on the Internet against the school and other students has pleaded not guilty to felony terrorizing.
There\'s a long story behind this...

Malicious Spam Traffic Triples in One Week - 06/25/08
A massive bot recruitment campaign appears to be behind a record surge early this month in the volume of malicious spam -- from 3 percent of all spam traffic to nearly 10 percent, according to researchers with Marshal’s TRACE team .

Privacy on the Web: Is It a Losing Battle? - 06/25/08
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E-mail threat suspect arrested in Wenatchee - 06/25/08
A search by Okanogan County Sheriff's Office for a 34-year-old Wenatchee woman led to her arrest June 18 in Wenatchee.

UT e-mail threat - 06/24/08
The Toledo man charged with ethnic intimidation against a well-known community member admits he made some strong statements, but he still denies they were threats.

Doctor pleads guilty to cyber stalking - 06/24/08
A Mississippi hospice doctor has been spared jail time after authorities say he threatened three women who he thought were complaining about his facility on a Web site.

MySpace prank or violent holdup? - 06/24/08
Police charged two Spotsylvania County men yesterday after a Timberwood Road resident called to report a break-in and death threat. According to a press release from 1st Sgt. Liz Scott of the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, the victim told police he woke up to his dogs barking at 7 a.m. and saw a man in a mask coming into his house.

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