Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Seduce Women Online

Excerpted from just ONE of hundreds of sites that tells Potential Internet Predators HOW TO DO IT!! (try not to throw up!) - EOPC
"When it comes to seducing women online, there are some different strategies that every guy must take not only to get her to fork up the nickname but also to get her to come to your place, or even a date.

"There are tons of dating sites to meet women online so we wont even get into that. If you really were born in the stone age and don't know, you shouldn't be online. Every single one is a potential f*ck mate. I was walking in the mall with a friend of mine while I was in Atlanta, GA last May and I found it so interesting, just noticing how most of the women we see walking by and encounter as we go, seem to be "looking", flirting for the next potential guy to get with.

"Don't forget, even if she's with someone, she still longs for SOMETHING. We all long for SOMETHING.There is something she need and want that she's not getting. YOU must be that person to give it to her, or at least make her believe its ultimately possible. Its so amazing when you can just think, and imagine the very real potential that any one of those broads can be in laying in your bed tonight! Powerful! This is how you have to think when you talk to women, even on the phone.

Telephone disadvantages: For one, you don't know if shes a fat, ugly pig that just has a sexy voice. Some of the sexiest voices I ever heard are from some of those chunky over-weight women, who by the way, are just itching to get laid. So be careful. You might think your game and strategy is what hooked her but if shes as big as a cow, she was easy anyway.

The second disadvantage is you might end up captivating and hooking an ugly duckling. This one has the same insecurities as the fat pig, although she might not be as desperate. From what I have seen, guys are more likely to forgive overlook an ugly face, provided the body is easy on the eyes. And thirdly, most of the tricks, like touching, implanted thoughts, mirroring, piercing eye contact is reduced to zero, although you can use these later when you meet together.

Online seduction: is much like telephone seduction. The difference is, you have to be skillful at writing so that the words she reads gives her the same deep intense feeling she would get from hearing your voice. Luckily, the words you inject in your sentences are the same ones you would use for your telephone seduction.

Phrases like:
intense feeling,
deep inside,
highest peak,
come inside,
more and more,
warm all over,
talk together,
really look forward to,
feel loved,
get excited,
excitement and anticipation,
see yourself,
so sexual,
desires you feel

...are phrases you MUST add to your argument so as to get their juices flowing. They have to be able to see and hear and feel what you are saying while they're reading it. So for instance if you're describing how good a massage feels, you would begin to describe the scenery.... laying on the beach in south florida, the cool gentle breeze lightly ruffling your sexy silky hair. You can see the sun as it disappears behind the ocean. Imagine how good that feels NOW as you begin think about it.... as the warm oil touches your welcoming body think of how its warm slitherly feel just massages you and penetrates and relaxes you deep inside etc etc.

Now how do you tell if shes a fat pig or an ugly duckling? If you met her online, the obvious answer is to ask for a picture, however, keep in mind that she might ask for yours too. So if you're not the best looking guy in the world you might want to keep this in mind. You might not have to be concerned too much if you have already conquered her mind and showed her your value. If she believes you're the best thing that came along since slice bread, it wont matter how ugly you are.

What I recommend is to delve into her insecurities by your questions so as to determine if one of those is her weight or her looks. You might ask her questions like "so when you go to the beach (presup) do you find that its very exciting or is it kinda boring?" That way, if she says she hates going to the beach, you know she's fat and/or ugly and is ashamed of showing anyone her body. To be absolutely sure you might also make a joke about her in the bathroom. Pre-suppose that shes hot and sexy and also that shes cocky and conceited about it. (All you're doing is using reverse psychology). So how do you do it? You say to her "Hmmmm you're probably so conceited (jokingly) I can just imagine you coming out of the shower, and standing in front of the mirror saying (imitate a woman's voice) "Damn I look good! Look at my butt, I'm gonna make those guys drool tonight". If her response is to laugh it off and say shes not conceited, she will tell you how she looks, just to defend herself.

If she's fat and ugly she will do the same thing but do it in a serious way, or even try to get you to not get your hopes up high. She might even try to change the subject. If you even get a hunch that shes fat, she probably is. At that point I just ask her outright and get measurements.

She Tricks You: So you arrange to meet this PREY at say, Barnes & Noble, the mall or wherever. You're expecting to see a nice, sexy petite eye-candy type you can feast your eyes on, and guess what - she tricked you. She shows up on time, all 250 pounds of her, wobbling and smiling as if to say, here I am baby....TAKE ME NOW! What do you do? Dont run away like a distraught little girl who was just told shes ugly. You're a gentleman, go out and meet with her. After saying your hello's this is what you say to her: "You lied to me about your weight, that means you're a liar. If you're a liar that means you're also a thief. I cant be with someone who is a liar and a thief!" Then turn, get into your car and drive the hell away from her. If the issue is that shes an ugly ducklin, you have to prepare your exit a bit different. If you were to meet at say 6pm, call your buddy and ask him to call you at like 6:30pm. That way if she's unbearably too ugly to look at you can just tell her "I have an emergency, I have to go!"

See ya! :) Happy seducing guys.




Anonymous said...

This is absolutely disgusting. Those guys definitely hate women and look at them like objects to use. One of them actually used the word "broad"...does anyone younger than 70 even use that word nowadays? Ewww. The worst thing- I clicked on their eye candy gallery, full of half-naked women, and was shocked to find a picture of my favorite hip-hop artist, Foxy Brown, there! If Foxy knew what kind of site they posted her pic on, she'd tear the site owners a new one....LOL.

Fighter said...

maybe you should email her publicist? or fan club?

Yes, if you search online for "seduce women" you will be absolutely APPALLED at what comes up. There's no love, intimacy or anything. And women do this to men too. People aren't people to them - they are objects. If you read my article LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR, it is a fairly thorough look at what to expect.

IMVHO, if you want to meet a human being? Join a church, temple, club or job. Meeting people online? Its ok for friends but nothing deeper. And even then, exercise CAUTION.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm female and I've been reading the men's online seduction information. It's training men to be abusers, it's repulsive, and I've met men who have tried to us it on me in real life as well as online. More and more women are just sex objects, that's all.