Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jody Erwin Cooper

Date of Birth: 9/19/1978
Cleveland , Tennessee, United States
Hair color: Blonde; Definitely not married, engaged or living with someone; 6'2" / (188cm) tall; Average build, Chain smoker; drinks like a fish at parties; Completely out of control/an addict with drugs, Caucasian

Dating Site Alias: iwantyoutowantme1
FromWebsite: Cupid.com

Now that I have known him alot longer, I thought I would update. First of all, he's on pretty much every dating site out there. He usually puts his name in his profile.

Watch out for a good-looking, tall, blonde named Jody who lives in Cleveland, TN. He'll send messages to about 20 or so different girls a day, just to see how many "bites" he gets.

And he is a TOTAL addict. Any drug you can think of, he does it! And I do mean ANY!!!!!

He is a liar. He is manipulative. He is a very smooth talker. I thought I was pretty savvy at catching liars, but he knows exactly what buttons to push and how to finesse people.

Hce will tell you exactly what he thinks you want to hear. He can be a good friend. I give him that. He will do anything for you. Except be honest.

Just be aware that he is NOT boyfriend/husband material and with his drug problems, I don't know that he ever will be.




Lil' Sis said...

Hey, you talk about "victims" here and yet you will not post any of my comments and I feel that I am totally a victim because this is accusations about someone I dearly love and adore! Ok, I'll play that little game and leave everything out of what I need to say except that my brother, Jody Erwin Cooper, is a wonderful person and there are too many people to count that would completely agree with me including many ex-girlfriends. My brother has the biggest and kindest heart of absolutely anyone I have ever known and does so much to help his family and friends and is a wonderful volunteer serving his church. He has always been a wonderful example to me and has a heart full of love and has many great friends, men and women, that love him and respect him. There is absolutely no reason why this comment should not be posted. It fits all your little requirements and is the total and complete truth.
Jill Cooper (Fighter Back)

John said...

Hello my name is John Swallows and have been a friend of Jody Cooper's for several years. After I found out about this information from his sister, Jill, I thought I would comment too because I know him and talk to him a few times a week. Jody is one of the most honest guys I know and has been a great friend to me. I too can completely and honestly vouch that he is a wonderful person and has been very good to help me and be there when I have needed him. He does do a lot of work in his church and I am not sure why anyone would say these things that I have never known to be true about him. He really lives a good, clean life and I know he went through some hard times after he lost his dad but to my knowledge, he has never been anything but nice to everyone. I kindof think this may have been written by someone who might have been bitter over a breakup and just wanted to say some very unkind things. I just want it to be known that Jody is a great guy and has a big heart and has been one of my closest and best friends since I have known him. Also, for a couple years or more, he has not even had internet or even a computer.
John Swallows

Anonymous said...

it never ceases to amaze how FRIENDS & FAMILY go to bat for these predators! If you read other exposes like Doug Beckstead's - FRIENDS & FAMILY are usually TOTALLY CLUELESS about their predatory ways and secret lives.

Say what you want - those who get EOPC to do their exposes have to send in a legal disclaimer that holds EOPC harmless... so if you want to "fight" this - you are barking up the wrong tree... find the person who sent this in and convince them.

We, the victims, know better.

Anonymous said...

Well, I also know the person who wrote the original post and they are a much better person that Jody ever could be and they have NO reason to lie about him. This post was placed on one website, then someone else has reposted it here and other places and it was NOT her. I was also a "victim" of Jody's lies and deceitfulness. Yes, I also agree he can be a wonderful FRIEND and deep down he knows he can do right. But, he DOES do an excessive amount of prescription and recreational drugs and has for years. YOU, SISTER, should be ashamed of yourself for acting like you don't know the truth when I for one was right there when you called several of us "bitter" girlfriends to tell us he had overdosed and was in the hospital and to come visit him, he could die. And you also witnessed the time that several of his "girlfriends" showed up at his house for dates at the same time because he was too drugged out of his mind to remember who he had invited. I'd sure like to know when he was going to church, because he would party so hard on Saturdays, he couldn't show up for work until the following Wednesday, if at all. He IS NOT boyfriend/husband material, like she said. He is far from the saint you two have painted him to be and THAT is a FACT. Take your blinders off.

Lil' Sis said...

Hey, this is in response to the last comment. That is the same person who wrote the original post. I am one of Jody's exes and we dated for 6 years. The person who wrote this post has a name for doing this to any guy that rejects her and she is the drug addict and alcoholic, NOT JODY. I know he and his family well and you should be ashamed of yourself for making up these lies. He attended church regularly for the duration that we dated and all of these false accusations are absurd and ridiculous. As for the hospital, his sister calling exes, and the wild parties, those are completely made up and many, many people would vouch with me that Jody is a very respectable person, educated, and a smart career man. He has never did anything even remotely similar to this and do not say that I am lying or in denial like you said about his sister. I know him far better than you and you were never really even considered his girlfriend. I know of at least five other men that this woman has posted things such as this about and would call you out by name, but this would likely not get posted. I can't believe you are still doing this after all of these years to guys who rejected you. It actually makes me pity you. While the rest of the world have jobs and a life, you are sitting around at home still thinking of ugly things that you can make up about people and try to ruin their good names on the internet. How pathetic. Honey, you desperately need help with your drug addiction and alcoholism. To think that you are still this immature and deceitful is disturbing. For all the rest of the world, please don't believe such guilable things like this poor woman posted who is in dire need of help with her drug use and lifestyle. After seeing this, I just felt the need to TELL THE TRUTH and let the world know that Jody is a very decent and respected person and all of the lies that are posted are insane. T.M.E.