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(EOPC first ran this expose in February 2005 - it is a must read for victims as this predator is a CLASSIC, TEXTBOOK Cyberpath)

We will distill some of the aftermath of the explosion of the sex-addict games of our predator of the month, Yidwithlid/Dunetz- twisted world.

As with all of our predators, the situation evolving around them is ongoing as of this writing. - Fighter

(UPDATE! One of the brothels Yidwithlid/Dunetz was found going to by law enforcement was busted. ARTICLE HERE. Yidwithlid was identified as a client from photos, according to law enforcement he will not face any charges, according to Target #2. Yidwithlid information was material to a major-case operation to shut down this brothel and police didn't want to tip off Yidwithlid, the brothel or his buddies at his local police station 2 counties away by saying anything. Target #2 said police denied Yidwithlid was under investigation but that is understandable - because as we have seen Yidwithlid has a big mouth! Target #1 was unavailable when EOPC tried to reach her for comment. - May, 2005)

This expose left off with Target #1 taking everything to the police. Detectives did cursory web searches and told her the shocking truth: that Yidwithlid was a sex 'hobbyist' with an expensive hooker habit and a sex addict with a computer full of porn and 'cookies' linking his IP to porn sites all over the internet.

Target #2 sent the things Yidwithlid sent her to the FBI & law enforcement, since she did not ask for the homemade porn he sent her and was disgusted. Target #2 told us she told Yidwithlids publishers, job and family members that he is a predator - using his articles as bait & ego strokes - and zeroing in on vulnerable women; manipulating them into cybersex & future physical relations. (CLASSIC! These guys almost ALWAYS zero in on vulnerable and/or trusting women. Remember: TRUSTWORTHY people rarely question the trustworthiness of others.)

- 1 month after: Yidwithlid and his wife take out a cease & desist on Targets #1 and #2. Neither Targets ever recieved any notification of such an order. Target #1 finds out only when she is hassled on the phone by a Detective Yidwithlid and his wife went to to help them harass her needlessly. (Yidwithlid had no 'time' to call her during his predation on her but he DID give Target #1s phone number to police when he wanted her further traumatized! What a guy!)

It all stops when Target #1 sends EVERYTHING to the detective Yidwithlid & his wife recruited to help harass her -- and his Sargeant and Target #2 calls this police station and has a conversation with the Sargeant in charge.

Target #2 sends them her information to show them Yidwithlid/Dunetz had
used the Detective in a selective smear campaign and the criminal behavior was Yidwithlids -- not hers.

(this was pure PROJECTION on Yidwithlids part and a typical cyberpath move to silence the truth!!

Online Predator's Egos cause them to chronically UNDERESTIMATE their Targets.

And Cyberpaths/Predators will use ANYONE - family, police, even websites - to try to silence their targets. Don't we wonder WHAT he told his family? Of course he had to make excuses to never contact his wounded targets and give them the apologies they deserved - they could refute his SPIN DOCTORING!! Typical predator.)

- 2 months after Target #1s visit to the police, she received a call from the District Attorney's Office needing confirmation on all the materials she turned over as well as some new items that have turned up about Yidwithlid's extramarital activities. They thank her.

Target #1 had unplugged and taken down her computer as well. Target #1 then receives letters from Computer Crimes/ Department of Investigation to thank her for coming forward as well.
(possible links to his downloading this e-book was traced back to Yidwithlid by police, as per their report to us.

(Nice way to treat women you said you CARED ABOUT -- Yidwithlid!! )

- 4 months later: Target #1 goes away with her children to deal with serious PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) issues that are affecting her health from the guilt, stress & threats made to her by Yidwithlid.

- Yidwithlid rebounds quickly and writes a couple more of his articles and gets them published.

(Obviously, Yidwithlid convinced his wife, family, clergy person and publishers it was 1. all a set up and/or it was a lie 2. and/or he was the VICTIM of a campaign by scorned women -- you pick!! Cyberpaths use the same excuses.... it must come with their seduction handbooks!)

- 5 months later: While away visiting family, Target #1 recieves a call from yet ANOTHER female friend not mentioned in this story. This friend lives about 30 mins from Yidwithlid/Dunetz and has NEVER met him online or off. But she knows what happened between Target #1 and "J."

Seems Yidwithlid has placed this woman on his e-mailing list for his articles! Yidwithlid probably gleaned her email addy from something Target #1 cc'd to everyone on her mail list a while back. (Yidwithlid WAS TROLLING AGAIN!!! and TROLLING TARGET #1s FRIENDS AGAIN!! What a sadistic jerk! How cruel these cyberpaths can be.)

This woman blocked Yidwithlid and did not respond to his emails and send everything to the Computer Crimes Squad for their official record. (Target #1 overcame her shame and embarrassment and told her friends what had happened as part of apologizing for her bad behavior.
THIS IS WHY it is VITALLY IMPORTANT for victims to come forward and TELL TELL TELL and not be bullied!!)

[Online Predators] count on our shame to keep their secrets. They know that exposing them means exposing our own failings. That's what makes them so powerful.

They manipulate us into these situations then sit back & watch us squirm between protecting ourselves or blowing the whistle. The [victim often] is still emotionally connected to the [Cyberpath], thus protecting them and accusing them alternatively.

Many [victim]s will not name their [cyberpath]s to counsellors or other helpers, thus protecting their identity.

The hook, which the [Cyberpath] has implanted in their heart, is hard to remove.

If you want something to cry about, cry for the [Cyberpath]'s new victim(s) or spouse/ partners, the innocent, unmarked, un-inoculated prey. These victims are carefully chosen... - Mary Ann Borg Cunen"

- 6 months later: Target #1 closes down her emails and ISP due to the old ones being watched for threats. She also closes 2 email lists for disabled persons she was running and retreats from every message board she was on. It was ~2 years before she got back online.

- 9 months later: Yidwithlid/Dunetz' favorite madam from his hooker reviews is arrested and charged with promoting prostitution, operating a brothel, and her operation ($3M a year) which was done from 3-4 locations, is closed down. The madam has drugs and firearms in her places as well, and is accused (later plead out) of hiring & using underage girls. (see UPDATE above)

- 10 months later: Detectives report to EOPC that one of Yidwithlids possible online whore - booking agencies is busted and found to be trafficking in illegals as well as money-laundering.

- 11 months later
: Another brothel connected to the investigation is busted and closed down. An affiliate operation (~$7M a year) is busted and closed down.

- months later (reported to EOPC by Target #2): Yidwithlid posts an 'ethical tract' on his old website about how 'gossip' -- 'EVEN IF IT IS TRUE' is hurtful to people and their families. Another attempt to get Targets to stop telling the truth!

- even later: His favorite madam has a new place. Think Dunetz/ YidwithLid is a client yet?

(Abusers will use ANYTHING - even religion or the Bible, to get their victims to stop talking. Threats, name calling, smearing, posing as their victim...

Predators want their proxies to think THEY are the victims, when they are really TERRORISTS who keep up the campaign to destroy their victims any way they can)

16 months later: Yidwithlid is found poking around support sites Target #1 has been on probably after surfing on her nickname. This was verified to us by 2 suport site owners with Target #1's permission

Target #2 reports that Yidwithlid told her ISP she was harrassing him and got her IP to cancel her accounts.

Yidwithlid has been erasing or deleting as much as he can about what happened and saying it never happened. Yidwithlid/Dunetz apparently doesn't know about archival services.

Now those of you with any empathy may ask, why didn't Yidwithlid just contact Target #1 and talk with her? or Target #2 - his 'soulmate'? Why is he erasing everything? Why do any of them do this?

Because Yidwithlid/Dunetz - like his fellow predators/ misogynists - is worried about HIS image, not the harm he's done to any of his victims. No its easier to blame victims for horrible things as an excuse to NEVER TALK TO THEM AGAIN. Blame the victims for 'hurting him/ his family/ his reputation, etc.

And why accuse someone you were supposedly 'madly in love with' - like Dunetz/ YidwithLid accused Target #2 of harassing him - and getting her IP to cancel her account?? - We won't answer this one readers, we think you can do that yourselves.

Target #1: "I know Yidwithlid is back online. Probably using a new identity. (Sammy Benoit) He may do it all again because he's compulsive but I pray he does get help. (from what we saw, and we are not doctors - Yidwithlid comes across as possibly bi-polar too)

In my faith, there's a saying that its a blessing to tell on a sinner because hopefully you will get them to change their ways - and avoid God's punishment. I am taking my punishment for the wrong thing I did and verbally confessing hoping someone, somewhere will learn from my stupidity.

I have a protective order against him and I blocked him - he's probably blocked & deleted me and tells everyone I am a liar. Yidwithlid won't contact me because then he couldn't LIE about me. Goodness knows what he's said about me or blamed me for. I am nothing to him and I always was nothing to him.

It was shocking that someone I KNEW who claimed to be so devoted to his family put them at such risk. If I had it to do over again, I would have listened my intuition about him and not said I was 'over-reacting.'

I would do exactly the same thing in the end, despite the profound sadness I felt. I really don't believe in revenge or payback.

I told [Target #2] that she could make him happy. Later I advised her not to do many of the things she said she was going to him and his family.

I realize now women are sex objects to him. When yet another friend got email from him 5 months later? My therapist said he was cherry picking my friends - to try to hurt what was left of me. More psychological torture... like him talking about his "friends" or family that I would never meet. Or his wonderful life that I would never be any part of.
"I will never trust again. People tell me not to say that, but its my truth. I am not dating again nor will I ever. I never did and would never do online dating or online hookups. I think they are disgusting.

Everything I did for Yidwithlid was from the purest of motive. And yes, again - I repeatedly paid the price - in my own home.

The ONLY reason I even did things for Yidwithlid was because he was someone I knew and felt I could trust! My ability to trust, especially myself - is destroyed.

Now I am doing domestic violence advocacy. I often tell women I was an Other Woman and they vent their anger from their own situations on me. Dunetz is still stalking me, planting things about me from time to time, online. (2008 Dunetz posted a fake MySpace page including Target #1's address & phone and saying she wanted men for quicky sex. MySpace has taken it down and sent it to Dunetz' police precinct with his IP.)

I don't go out unless I have to and then only for religious reasons or things having to do with my children.

I am still in counseling and on medication for the PTSD. I have been told I will be probably for life. With help I am moving forward with life and try to help others see that this is a BAD BAD idea. It's tempting but if my story is any warning to you - then please DON'T!

Yidwithlid had either a very screwed up memory of our earlier 'relationship' (if you could even call it that) or he was purposely misleading me as part of his love-bombing. I remember him saying some pretty nasty things about me, within my earshot, while we were at college together. Getting me pregnant and then devaluing me. He made me forget about those things for a while.

Yidwithlids use and dismissive treatments of me didn't change in 26 years. I was too abused and wounded to see it. My counselor tells me I have been a better friend to him that he will appreciate. I am sure he'd get quite a laugh out of that one... me, the horrible person he's probably making me out to be.
"We must do whatever it takes to minimize or eliminate [the predator's] access to vulnerable prey as targets of opportunity. Period. For ever. Indeed, these people will thank us for it. Consider how many [cyberpaths] deliberately get themselves caught just to stop themselves." - Operation Doubles

Yidwithlid never had any intention of even being a real friend because I meant nothing to him but an ego builder, free cybersex - some
thing he could use while he was unemployed and broke. Just words on a screen that he could click off whenever the mood hit him. Yidwithlid wouldn't even let me be his friend or meet his family like I was garbage! Now he won't even talk to me like a human being
So immediately, right at the beginning of chatting - before ANYTHING had gone on - Yidwithlid destroyed the ability for us to be 'just friends.' And stupid me I went along. While talking to [EOPC] I found the package of stuff my ex-husband had downloaded. I found a long chat Yidwithlid had with me where he pled his case for us to 'be together' and how much he needed me, missed me and wanted me.

I tried many times to end it and kept getting reeled back in by my own naive stupidity and the addiction to him he'd planted in me.

Still, the question of WHY? Why did someone I know do this to me? Sometimes the thoughts of 'what did I ever do to Yidwithlid to deserve such hate & treatment from him?' come up. Despite all this, I do not hate him. I pray for him and his family every single day. (how many of you, readers, feel like this?)

Yidwithlid will go back to the same old comfort zone as soon and as fast as he can. (all cyberpaths do) I no longer exist for him, if I ever did. (these predators want to erase you & the fact they even know you - BE CAREFUL)

Yidwithlid/Dunetz's probably laughing at me and everyone else. Trying to paint me as a stupid scorned woman.
But I can look at myself in the mirror.

Losing this person from my life will always be a deep ache in my soul and I miss our talks. But doing the right thing? Of course.

Maybe he got help. Maybe his marriage is healed. And maybe others will learn from me. That's why I submitted my story."

And EOPC Thanks you, Targets #1 & #2 for your bravery. Remember you weren't immoral - you believed a pack of lies and loved a cyberpath.

NOTE: We have more on Yidwithlid/Dunetz with the latest updates on this remorseless bully.

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Anonymous said...

Having had some dealing with this jerk via his blog. He is very right wing and writes the most insane stuff!! You can't even have a discussion with him - he just blocks you, no discussion!

I was actually quite happy to see he's not the great man he builds himself up to be. You're right - he's a self-deluding predator with one agenda. Himself.