Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paul S. Krueger - The 'Millionaire Match Music Man" Con Artist


by Lou Sessinger

A homeless man who used a phony investment scheme to con women he met at an Internet dating site will find a home for the next few years behind the walls of a state prison.

Paul S. Krueger, 50, who has former addresses in Souderton, Telford and Hatfield, pleaded guilty Friday in Montgomery County Court to one count of felony theft charges for scamming victims out of $100,000, which he then gambled away at Atlantic City casinos. Judge Thomas C. Branca accepted the recommendation of the prosecution and defense and sentenced Krueger to three to seven years at the State Correctional Institution at Graterford.

Krueger was also ordered to repay the 13 victims of his scam a total of $100,000, something the prosecutor said Krueger likely will be unable to do. Had not the prosecution and defense negotiated Krueger’s guilty plea by dropping some charges and consolidating others, the con man could have faced a maximum sentence of 174 years in prison if convicted on all counts, his lawyer, Chief Public Defender Stephen Heckman, explained to his client during Friday’s hearing.

The judge also sentenced Krueger to a concurrent sentence of 2 1/2 to 5 years in prison for violating the terms of his probation from a similar crime he pleaded guilty to in 2006. In the most recent crime, he’d met his victims on an Internet dating site called MillionaireMatch.com, which describes itself as “the first, most effective and largest site in the world to connect with, date, marry successful, beautiful people."

Krueger passed himself off as a Grammy nominated sound engineer in the recording industry who was looking for investors. Some of the women, who lived in various parts of the country, had friends who also invested in Krueger’s nonexistent business. In all, 13 people gave Krueger between $500 and $20,000 for a total of $100,000.
“All the money was lost in the casinos,” said Assistant District Attorney Robert J. Sander, who heads the economic crime unit. “Mr. Krueger had a bad gambling habit. All the money’s gone. He was essentially homeless and living on the streets of Atlantic City when he was arrested.”

Although Krueger was ordered to begin repaying his victims when released from prison, Sander said,
“He probably is never going to make restitution. You can’t get blood from a stone, and he doesn’t have anything. When he gets out of prison, we’ll see what happens.”

Lou Sessinger is a columnist with The Intelligencer and phillyBurbs.com.


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This guy sounds like EVERY SINGLE ONE of our cyberpaths (listed on the Right Column here).

If you have issues with this story - please contact the NEWS MEDIA who published it in the first place and the District Attorney (their phone number is:
610-278-3090) in this. Not us. We are just reporting what the media has already.

Thanks to 'Gypsy' from the EOPC Support Group for this one!


Anonymous said...

I personally know Paul and he is a good person. There have been numerous lies told about Paul. Why did none of the women look into the "business deal" prior to just sending money to a total stranger? They made a bad business deal and they are angry about it so they have to press charges instead of taking responsibility for their actions. They are just as guilty as Paul.

EOPC TEAM said...

First off - while we have nothing against anonymous commenters, it's interesting that this predator's GOOD FRIEND would remain anonymous. Why didn't you help him out if he was homeless and broke? Why didn't you step in when you knew what he was doing?

Normally, we'd have deleted a comment like this - but this is TYPICAL of the Cyberpath and their "proxies" (friends) to say "you are just as guilty", "it takes 2 to tango", "they should have known better".... blah blah blah...

Here's some reading for you about Psychopaths like your "Good Friend"



Your comment is exactly what we heard from Beckstead's sychophant - Nancy; Yidwithlid and his various identities, Jacoby and his 'bystanders' and Miller's "buddies."

It's all bull - what your "good friend" did was against the law and abusive exploitation. How dare you blame these women when he BRAINWASHED them. Why don't you tell your story to the attorney who prosecuted him? Or to Dateline?

No, you come here and post ANONYMOUSLY. Says all we need to know.

Solitaire said...

Agrees with the "Fighter Team". If you "anonymous" are indeed a real "friend" then you need to wise up and read the stories on the far right hand side of this site and get educated.

Krueger is a predator like the rest listed on this site and he is well adapt at conning and selecting certain people for certain purposes, all to serve only himself and his needs.

You only see the side of Krueger that he wants you to see, just like Beckstead, Yid,Thomas and the rest. All of these predators have used various methods to deceive and con those who may have known them for a "long time". Of course you won't be in constant contact with this predator because he will always be "very busy". If you read these stories you will get a very clear insight as to what they have "been busy" doing.

NEVER blame the victim, they were lied to and conned, they took this person at face value. They trusted in them, something you clearly do as well. Remember these con men are very adapt at miking any situation to their advantage.

Don't become an enabler of his deception.

awhirledaway said...

If you "personally know" Paul then give us the SPECIFICS: which statements are "lies" and why? REFUTE them with verifiable data if you want us to consider you credible! I was a near victim of Paul approximately six weeks prior to his arrest. I confronted Paul, informing him that Greg of NARAS (the academy responsible for the Grammys) stated there was no record of him ever receiving a grammy, much less a nomination. Paul's inappropriate response was a red flag I chose to not dismiss.

Anonymous said...

He just tried to con me it is 2016.. he will never stop and these Internet warnings saved me.. thank you