Friday, February 04, 2011

Cyberstalker Invited Men to Woman's Home


As Shawn D. Memarian remembered it Wednesday, his relationship with a woman he met online in 2006 “ended in a sour way.”

Classic understatement.

Memarian, 29, of Kansas City, pleaded guilty to a federal cyberstalking charge for relentlessly harassing the woman through threatening and intimidating e-mails and by posting bogus Web ads inviting men to her home. Many men appeared — expecting sex.

Memarian, who faces up to five years in prison, said he understood that he went way over the line.
“I know what I did was wrong,” he told a federal judge before pleading guilty. “I did cause her distress, and I’m very sorry for what I did.”

The two met in mid-June 2006, while he was working as a civilian contractor at Fort Leavenworth. By July 15, the relationship had cooled. In court records, Memarian agreed that he wanted her to return some personal items and reimburse him $76 for the cost of one of their dates. He later wanted her to pay half of his lawyer’s fee for defending him against an order of protection she had filed.

In court Wednesday, Memarian said he also was upset that someone had scratched his vehicle, and he suspected it was her.

“Oh and I don’t make threats, I get even,” he wrote on July 27.

When his victim told him she was saving his e-mails for police, Memarian reminded her of claims he had made earlier that he once had dated a woman related to a Kansas City organized-crime family.

Subsequently, the woman received threatening e-mails from an alias — “Sal Civella” — created on Memarian’s computer at the Army post.

Memarian ramped up the harassment in August and began posing as the woman, creating two online personal ads on MySpace.com and Craigslist.com. He posted her phone number and home address in the ads and described her as a “sex freak” seeking sexual encounters.

She received phone calls and visits at her home from about 30 unknown men in August and September 2006.
“She did, in fact, have men knocking on her door at all hours of the day, thinking they were about to have sex with her,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney John Cowles.

Memarian also posted personal ads on Facebook.com and created a Web site on the now defunct GeoCities.com to threaten the woman. Prosecutors said that between August 2006 and May 9, 2008, the date of his arrest, he sent more than 75 threatening e-mails to the woman, who since has moved out of state.

Since his arrest there have been no more communications,” Cowles said.

Most people who face federal charges on computer-related offenses are unaware of just how well their computers preserve evidence for investigators. Memarian would appear to be the exception.
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He holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems and worked as an applications developer while at Fort Leavenworth. His resume shows skills in 11 computer languages and technologies.

Still, when the FBI and police went knocking, Army criminal investigators willingly provided a copy of the hard drive from Memarian’s government computer. That revealed evidence of the e-mail accounts he used to threaten the victim and showed how he used Facebook.com to intimidate her.


One of our exposed Predators - Jeff Dunetz/ YidwithLid - has DONE THIS SAME THING and gets away with it! (because apparently, he & his wife have 'friends' in their police department!)

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josie said...

i wish the authorities would help me with my predator but they feel it is not a big enough threat :( what does it take??? for someone to get hurt or killed...i dont get it...i feel like i can relate to this story....