Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Safer Dating on the Internet???

"State legislatures introduce bills requiring
online dating sites to do background checks"

Reno: The newest buzz phrase in online dating centers around “Background checks”… But there are many questions surrounding the issue: Who does the background checks? What do they cover? Who is liable? What is included? With so many deficiencies surrounding the issue, it seems impossible to know what the best solution is.

This is what prompted the creation of an internet verified identity service, PersonaCheck.com. “If you can prove who you are through a 3rd party who verifies your identity and background –it makes others more confident in your honesty and sincerity when chatting or answering personal ads” states President, Jeff Arndt. PersonaCheck.com. PersonaCheck.com is not a background check company, but it is one component of an overall verified identity profile. “The difference,” says Arndt “is that every other background service online is promoting their use for an individual to do as a check on someone else on a one-time basis.”

So the consumer has to try to get the other parties pertinent private data to do the check and verify whom they are dealing with. This can lead to identity theft. With PersonaCheck, an individual is in control of his or her own data. By members having a check done on themselves, they can prove who they are to others and don’t have to give out any information that they don’t wish to.

Plus it can be used on any dating/personals site, chat rooms and anywhere the member has the need. There are options for a variety of membership terms, with each providing for unlimited use. This provides credibility when meeting others through personals/dating sites, chat rooms and instant messaging. Since deception is so much part of the “game” with online interaction, PersonaCheck provides honest individuals an advantage in finding others who are equally as sincere.

It also provides a solution to many of the disadvantages of having each individual dating site be required to do background checks on their members.

PersonaCheck.com does not maintain or store any of the member’s private data (SSN, DOB, etc.). Once the member’s profile is verified and completed, all information is destroyed to prevent any chance of ID theft or release. Members can then send out their private PersonaCheck to individuals they choose- but without revealing any private data. The invitee can view only what information the PersonaCheck member chooses to share.


(Think it will work? - Fighter)

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