Monday, October 24, 2011

Please Sign the Petition for a National Marriage Database

Sign the Petition for a National Marriage Database

Bigamy (and Dating Site Fraud, Married Cyberpaths and Internet Con Persons) would become a crime of the past if there were a National Database of Marriages and Divorce.

Donna Layne Roberts, victim of the notorious "Don Juan of Con"--William Michael Barber--has begun a petition asking Congress to support this request and pass a law that will require All marriages and ALL divorces to be entered into a National Database.

Bigamy is a serious social and criminal problem that is overlooked, laughed at, and enabled by the way in which applications for marriage licenses are haphazardly given to applicants in the United States. (And despite claims to the contrary, 'background checks for married people' are not done on Dating Sites because there IS NO NATIONAL MARRIAGE DATABASE AND NO REAL WAY TO CHECK!!)

For example, if you apply for a marriage license, no background checking is done, and you are "at your word" to provide honest answers on the marriage application. A man or woman who is already married, could easily go tomorrow and get married and no checking would be performed. Furthermore, there is no centralized database for jurisdictions to check to see whether or not a person is being truthful on their application.

Even a bigamous marriage that takes place in the same jurisdiction can occur. For example, Julia Bish Judah Hunt White McGovern, married two men in Las Vegas. The marriages even appear in the Clark County, NV marriage database. No checking was done to see if serial Bigamist Julia Bish-Judah-Hunt-White-McGovern obtained a divorce, therefore, she was married Judah while still married to Randy Bish and was free to marry Hunt while still married to Bish and Judah.

Bigamy is classified as a felony in most states, yet rarely do bigamists ever spend a night in jail and many get off with fines less than what most of us get for reckless driving tickets. It is cheaper to be a bigamist than get a divorce. What is wrong with this picture? Not only do bigamists dish out emotional abuse to their victims, but they ruin them financially as well. (Married people who troll the dating sites cause considerable emotional, mental and financial damage to their spouses, their families and the innocents they meet and romance who have no idea they are dealing with someone with a spouse & possibly children.)

Please sign the petition today and help ensure that the prevalent crimes of bigamy, fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft will be harder to commit against the people of this country, and the sanctity of both religious and civil unions will be protected.

Cross posted from this site. We fully support this petition at EOPC - it would also end Dating Site Frauds and Married Cyberpaths preying on the innocent. We ask that our readers sign it and pass it on to everyone they know!

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