Friday, November 20, 2015

Match (dot) WRONG

EOPC recieves 100s of emails every week. At least 90% and more start with or include: "I met a someone who SEEMED LIKE a nice guy/ girl via ONLINE DATING."

Readers, never -- we repeat -- NEVER would we recommend Online Dating to ANYONE. EVER. It's not a "good way to meet people" nor is it a way to "ease back into dating after divorce/ breakup." Online dating is CRAWLING with predators: narcissists, sociopaths, cyberpaths -- etc. And the online "sex site" (i.e. - bangmatch.com, eroticy.com, adultfriendfinder.com, redpersonals.com - there are 100s) are the worst!!

And don't kid yourself -- it can be IMPOSSIBLE to know who someone really is, their criminal background and their TRUE intentions... EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW THEM!

STAY AWAY FROM ONLINE DATING!!! Volunteer, join a local group, go to the library and volunteer your time, join a running club or a gym. But never ever go looking for love, friendship, a pen pal or and old school pal online.

The online dating industry buries the bad stories. For each ONE of those good stories you hear? There are a minimum of 15-25 horror stories. Below is just one of them:

Texas man fights misdemeanor assault charge on Internet date gone awry

A Texas man with a home in Aspen faces assault and domestic violence charges after an Internet date allegedly ended in an scrap at the Hunter Creek trailhead in August 2007.

John Kirk Mitchell, 51, however, claims that the woman he met online was the one who started the fight. He said she had filed charges in a nearly identical situation involving her ex-husband in 2001.

And Mitchell, an oil executive in San Antonio, Texas, has hired an attorney from a high-profile Denver firm to prove it.

On Aug. 28, Mitchell and the woman, whose name is withheld because she is an alleged victim of domestic violence, were on a date after meeting on an Internet dating site, according to a police report.

Mitchell picked up the woman in Denver, where she had driven from her home in Fort Collins to meet him. Things went wrong at about 6 p.m. that evening, when the two began arguing over the music being too loud on the drive from Mitchell’s Aspen residence to the Hunter Creek trailhead, according to the woman’s statement in the police report.

Officers arrested Mitchell on charges of third-degree assault and took him to jail.

Mitchell’s attorneys say the woman has a history of lying to police over harassment and assault charges.

The case has been before the Pitkin County court for nearly a year. A possible plea deal in March fell through.

In a March 18 letter to Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely, the alleged victim implored the judge to deny Mitchell a plea deal that would have dropped the assault charges for a no-contest plea on disorderly conduct.

When the plea deal fell through, Mitchell dropped his local attorney, Lauren Maytin.

And after a four-month hiatus in court, Mitchell hired Jeffrey Pagliuca of the firm Haddon, Morgan, Mueller, Jordan, Mackey & Forman, P.C. in Denver. On Aug. 5, his attorneys filed a motion to admit a recent lie detector test Mitchell took.

On Wednesday, Ely set a trial date for Sept. 26, but Mitchell’s attorneys and Deputy District Attorney Richard Nedlin are negotiating a possible settlement.

Ely will consider the motions at a hearing scheduled for Sept. 24.



Anonymous said...

That guy should take responsibility for what he did! Making a false story on the news is not one of them!
See what he really did:


Anonymous said...

I met this guy one match and yes this article was very telling of who this guy is. He is not a nice person. He is very much a phony. I almost got attacked by him when I wanted to put on a jacket because I was cold. He grabed me by my throat but I managed to calm him down. He likes to be naked and wants to keep his women with hardly anything on. I dont understand his obssession with very thin women. You have to be anorexic to be with him.