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UPDATE: 2011 - Beckstead is still at it - still trying to polish his image for his 'followers' so he can say "Go ahead and Google me. I am a good guy. You'll see." Trying to create a positive reputation for a guy who's proved to be a liar, a user and a pervert.
Take a look, feel free to add comment to demonstrate how he and his type go web wide to try and impress and create "the good guy" factor. These internet predators almost never change their M.O. - they just get sneakier about it.


Beckstead, like many of our cyberpaths, is claiming that he's "being stalked" to lure more sympathy and attention as well as explain exposes about him like this one. Almost all of them blame one person and label them & their friends "psycho stalker" when it usually is, in fact, the Cyberpath (like Beckstead) who is doing the stalking. This also shows that he's stalking EOPC to be reading any comments and so he can be ready with plausible 'explanations' and excuses.

Beckstead has also been busy deleting his own stories linked to the truth about him, deleting his own brag-fests; so no one is actually posting anything about him when it is all his own handy work! Ed Hicks, Dunetz/ Yidwithlid... they almost do this. Don't buy it - it is something called PROJECTION.

Note the "psycho stalker" mention when the only psycho stalker is Beckstead himself. Sound familiar, readers?


Since 2007 EOPC has heard from more than one of Beckstead's Targets. We always recommend to talk to other Targets if they are open to it - just to validate that these cyberpaths DO have a script they follow -- and do it to everyone they can! NOT JUST YOU! Seems Beckstead followed the self-same pattern all Cyberpaths do. No surprise there. Now he's got more traumatized women under his "keyboard" and where there's 1 or 2 - there's at least that many more!

Also, we'd like to remind you - the moment your suspected cyberpath says "don't talk to so-and-so because she's jealous/ obsessed with me/ stalking me/ a liar.. etc" MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THAT PERSON IMMEDIATELY! 99.99% of the time what the predator said about the other person(s) was a lie and they have some bad history with this person (aka - the person they are telling you not to talk to knows the truth about them!) Your talking to others stops the predator's "CLOSED SYSTEM OF LOGIC." Do it asap!
EOPC's comments are in Dark Blue.

An excerpted email from one of Beckstead's hapless targets to a fellow target:

From: XXX
Date: Apr 18, 2007 4:49 PM
To: xxxxxxxx@XXX.com

HI xxxxxx,

I am not sure if I plan on writing him or not. I have thought about it, just to say shame on you for hurting so many people.

I want you to know that if I had ever known that you were a part of his life, I would never have talked with him like I did. I am a very naive and trustful person, even of those on the internet and believed him to be what he claimed he was. Unfortunately I have learned that there are many people who are not as they claim to be, and the internet provides a safety net to hide behind. He obviously used this many times.

I take a small bit of responsibility for my part when Doug and I were talking. I wanted to believe what he was saying, and I knew that there was a huge risk in trusting someone who I had no real access to. But, lessons have been learned from such experiences.

Be strong for yourself and XXXXX. Everyday will be better than the one before. If you want to tell him that I know that is up to you. I can handle him no problem. I wish that we would have talked 3 years ago and maybe this all would have had a different outcome.

Have a wonderful day.


Update on Douglas Beckstead. We found out that he was already stringing along yet another woman in 2007 and her MSN display name is "kittenXXX" with her nickname being "TrishXXX". He's probably got more new ones now.

We have not contacted her. As much as we would love to be the whistle blower, she probably would not believe us. He has listed her as his only "friend" on MSN spaces live and vice versa, she with him. Almost advertising the fact. He also has a load of 'friends' on his Facebook page - most of them from 30 or more years ago - people who have no clue what he's really like!

He sent an ecard with a rather weak apology for "the craziness of the past few months". (trying to reel them back in via their compassion) a while back, to one of his targets.

He then played the sympathy card again stating that both he and his family had been down, or rather were down with influenza type A (the pandemic variety). (boo hoo for Doug. Read our post about the "Martyr Man". Beckstead probably juggles more internet women than a circus act)

His games continue. (all of us would like to heal and put things right with them. We invested time & energy on these predators only to be treated like nothing. If you read back over our other predators - many targets try this. Its a normal reaction - however - they are NOT normal people)

(Click here to see what's happened with another target who tried to 'bury the hacket' with her cyberpath)
Let's see what sort of 'cover stories' Beckstead tries to fling at his targets now:
From: Doug Beckstead
Subject: RE: Hi
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007


This was not a good weekend for me. I thought whatever it was that knocked me down for the previous two was trying to come back. I've been coughing to the point of almost fainting. Not fun. (aaaawwwww. boo hoo)

I don't have a clue who kittenXXX and TrishXXX are. Please don't start making something out of something that isn't there.

I'm sorry that I didn't respond immediately. We were on the way out the door when I started the computer up and I had every intention of responding when I got home. We're playing "bus driver" for the kids with their jobs and sometimes I like to go pick them up just to shop around their stores for a little while. (so you are DEATHLY sick, but you are running around with the kids - your ADULT children? Aren't you a great guy (NOT))

Has the doctor given you anything else to help out with your flu/asthma? It sounds like whatever they've given you isn't working very well. I sure hope you get on the mend really soon! (wow, he actually acknowledges this target for once. Probably to try to reel her back in yet again... throw her a crumb of attention)

One of the other historians at the office is moving on Saturday. XXX and I are going to help her. Should be pretty easy as she has virtually no furniture. I expect it won't take more than an couple of hours. (now he's deathly sick but he's running around with his Adult kids AND helping someone move... right?)

I hope you're feeling better!!! (he hopes you believe his b.s.)



Here Beckstead is frantically trying to cover his lies further now; as he knows that I know he would have had to have accepted her invitation and vice-versa.

Does he ever give up and just tell the truth? No.

As for the "Aviator" guy, no he is not on his list, he never had an excuse for that though. Give it up Beckstead.

Notice how "sick" he always seems to be, always has to out do everyone at everything. Even illness. (because he's a malignant narcissist)
From: Doug Beckstead
Subject: RE: Hi
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007


Boy, you sound like you are having as bad a go of it as we have had up here on our end of the world. (set up...)

As for the XXXXX and MSN space, I don't use MSN space. Someone sent me a message about adding me to theirs a long time ago and I probably set it up then. the only "kitten" person I can think of would have been that woman who went by Kitty at the VIP. There was also someone there a long time ago who's name was Trisha. I don't remember what her "stage name" was. (never his fault, s it? this is a total lie and the second time he wrote about Target's questioning him - because he knows she's nailed him. Wonder if he denies, denies, denies to wife & friends too?

Like any good cyberpath he's determined to keep at the denial and lies until she believes him. If she doesn't - he'll go on the smear attack like they all do. And we bet he's probably deleted his MSN SpacesLive now too... and he'll swear it never existed! Like Dunetz/ Yidwithlid swears his 'hooker reviews' never happened either... or Jacoby swears he never photoshopped pictures of his Targets to extort silence from them... LOL we know better - WE SAW THEM!)

If you saw the list, you'll probably also see someone called "Aviator" he's a buddy of mine from my college days. Aviator and I share e-mails a lot. As for the others, I wouldn't even know how to get into whatever MSN is using for IM stuff these days. XXX just changed their whole look and I'm still working on trying to figure it out. (he's just soooo confused!! lol and full of B.S.)

XXX and I went out to dinner tonight (the kids are all working). Something didn't go right. I came in the door from the car, walked straight to the bathroom and up came everything I ate. Not fun. Even being sick didn't cause me to do that.
(poor Doug poor poor Doug... LOL! he's such a drama queen! Maybe his body knows he's FAT and didn't need the extra calories)


Squirrels are Nature's little speed bumps.
(apparently this is how Doug considers all his Targets)


Don't forget readers, Beckstead was accused of sexual misconduct with a young person (see the prior post on him) so now see who used to play "Santa" for the locals:


He's been back on his usual boards, posting away about what a great guy he is, posting about stuff he's done for his work and accusing anyone who exposes him of being the sick one!!

These cyberpaths just HATE it when the real-life people
they've been using like objects - say "OUCH! YOU HURT ME" don't they?

(May 2010) UPDATE!
Beckstead (Mr. Do-Gooder/ Selfish Glory Hunter/ This Isn't About My Job - It's About ME ME ME) gets more press on his work assignments. He's posted links for all to see online to try to cover the REAL (predator) Doug Beckstead. Click any of the links below to check him out! (hope he hasn't deleted or had them removed):








Ain't he special? We see through the shameless self-plugs, don't we! Beckstead, like all predators, uses these things to show online targets what a 'great guy' he is. He's already got another one on the hook too!!

Beckstead uses these articles about his "great work" to prop up his assertions that he 'doesn't' target vulnerable women online and they are all just 'scorned' or crazy. Don't these cyberpaths ever think of new excuses? Is Beckstead really THAT DESIRABLE that women just FLOCK to have him? (plenty of him to go around from the looks of it)

Poor man...


Anonymous said...

Yes, he is VERY disturbing. There were two school age girls involved, then he changed his story and knocked it back down to the one. As if that was suppose to make it any better? He is sick. Doug Beckstead also sexually harassed a former female boss in Anchorage whilst working for the National Park Services during 1994. When he was outed and consequently fired for this sexual misconduct he then accused her of "wanting to sleep with him". Beckstead lives in a fantasy world, he wants what he cannot have, once people awaken to his true nature and decide to move on from him he gets nasty and turns/projects everything he himself was guilty of back onto his target. He is like a kid in a candy store where women and children are concerned. He is a very sick and pathetic individual. He screwed up his own family and he tries to screw up others.

Anonymous said...

Douglas Beckstead is NOT all that he pretends to be. Yes it is true that he is an historian and that he is employed by the ELMENDORF Air Force Base, in Anchorage, Alaska. However this man IS a known and proven sexual predator who has deliberately targeted, mostly younger women with children online. Playing malicious and cruel head games for his own sexual gratification.

With all due respect to the fallen airman 2nd Lt. Harold Hoskin and his family at this time, you need to be aware that Douglas Beckstead is hiding behind your fallen hero. He is using this entire story as his number one claim to fame. He is exploiting you just as he has exploited us. He is only trying to cover up his evil misconduct towards vulnerable women and innocent children.

He is an actor and he plays his game well for the eyes of unsuspecting others.

He would not know how to show true emotion, other than anger. It is all a sympathy and attention ploy on his behalf.

He is an opportunist who uses and abuses others as a means to an end.
It is all about him. He truly has no care or remorse for those of us that he has hurt. All he had to say was that "we deserved what we got" that it was all "just a game". Deserved what we got for caring and giving him our time, spending our money on him?

He projects blame and anger onto those he wishes to discard because they no longer serve any purpose in this parasites life.